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It’s time for a February treat for my readers again, and on this occasion, it’s a combination of beauty and fashion! One of my favourite skincare brands – AA Skincare – recently introduced me to their latest brand, Ooharr. It’s a new natural face mask brand which focuses on natural ingredients and essential oils to help prevent young adults from breaking out. I myself at 29 years old know what this feels like, and there is nothing more stressful for me than waking up with little spots under the skin, or even worse, a large break out on my jaw line. Not pretty.

Breakouts, dry skin and dull complexions seem to be more common for me these days. Perhaps it’s a combination of stress from ‘adult life’; a demanding job, less sleep, more fast food, worrying… it’s all guess work at the end of the day. These handy little face mask sachets aim to help blast those pesky breakouts, hydrate the skin and encourage a brighter complexion, using all sorts of natural goodies to do so.

Here’s a tiny run down on each one below. I’ll be properly reviewing these for you next week, but for now, here’s a snippet:

Rosie Glow – Deep Cleansing Face Mask: Rose essential oil is the star of this rejuvenating mask. Intensely nourishing and balancing, a delicious mix of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals moisturise and hydrate skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and regenerated.  Also featuring Marula Oil to help protect skin from environmental damage and Palmarosa essential oil, which works to repair damaged skin.  Dead Sea salts and natural clay help detoxify and draw out impurities from blocked pores.

Dead Sea Cooler
Deep Cleansing Face Mask: A refreshing minty deep cleanser, containging a cocktail of Peppermint, Teatree and Witch Hazel help create a bright, clear complexion. Combines with Dead Sea salts to open pores, detoxify skin and draw out impurities.  A touch of bamboo powder works to exfoliate and refresh, while Sweet Almond and Argan Oil moisturise and protect skin.  Tiny exfoliation granules act as a pre-mask scrub when massaged in to skin in circular motions. Great for greasy skin.

Star Glow – Skin Polisher Face Mask: Sparkle like a star with this vitamin and mineral rich polishing face and neck mask.  Sweet and succulent Vanilla and Honey work together with moisturising and conditioning Almond and Argan oil, with refreshing Aloe Vera to cool and calm.  All blended with natural clay to detoxify and draw out impurities. Leaves all skin types soft, supple and radiant.

These masks retail at £1.2o per sachet, and come in a super cool bright and bold design. Inspired by Andy Warhol, they will brighten up your bathroom and add a touch of fun to your beauty regime!

To brighten up your February, I’ve teamed up with Ooharr to giveaway a bright floral print midi dress from my What Emma Did Boutique, and a years worth of face masks. Yep – that’s a face mask one each week of the year! Just make sure you follow myself and Ooharr on Twitter and Instagram to enter…

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  1. Michelle Cooper
    February 17, 2016 / 1:09 pm

    Gorgeous dress

  2. Paulina Rios
    February 18, 2016 / 12:44 pm

    Love the Dress! Is open International?

    • whatemmadid
      February 19, 2016 / 9:39 am

      Unfortunately it is just UK based. Apologies x

  3. hannonle
    February 22, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    I don’t have instagram but I’ve done the other two. Am I still entered?

    • whatemmadid
      February 22, 2016 / 5:30 pm

      Yes you are- thank you (you really should join Insta though, it’s so cool!)

  4. Melanie slater
    February 26, 2016 / 1:11 am

    Amazing colours

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