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If your anything like me, when it comes to pay-day there’s always that one important shopping trip that needs to take place. I like to call it an ‘essentials shop’.

You know what I mean, face wipes, cotton wool pads, fake tan, shower gel, hair conditioner, moisturiser… Why it is I seem to run out of them all in the same week I’ll never know. On this particular payday, I wanted a nice new shower gel and body lotion that would make me a little bit happier when i trudge into the shower first thing on a monday morning.

So here’s the perfect little pick me up for the dismal weather- Philosopy have captured the essence of fresh, fragrant wild blackberry blossoms and infused it into two indulgent treats for your body and soul. 

Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion is formulated with multiple moisturizing agents, including shea butter, to hydrate and soften skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth to the touch. the lightweight, extra fluffy formula melts easily into skin, while sending your senses into blackberry.

Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion £13

Wild Blackberry Blossom shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath is philosophy’s pick for the perfect jumpstart to your day. experience bushels of fun as you lather and enjoy the sweet and tart, blackberry-licious scent.

Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Shower Gel £19.75

You can buy Philosophy’s gorgeous new range from Selfridges and QVC. It’s pretty purple packaging will look beautiful on your bathroom shelf too! Keep your eyes out for their other bloom inspired products, such as their new Field of Flowers, Orchid Blossom and Lilac Blossom shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel’s.

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