The New House Checklist: What To Do When You First Move

It’s one of the most stressful processes that you will put yourself through and with that, things can slip through the net.

Unfortunately, when these things do slip, the nature of moving home means that they tend to be even more frustrating and time-consuming to solve.

This is why we have penned today’s article. We will now take a look at some of the areas that you must cover as you move home.

Giving notice to your landlord (when applicable)

This first point isn’t going to be applicable to all of you, but if you happen to be renting it should go without saying that you need to give the appropriate notice to your landlord.

Under a lot of tenancy agreements, you’ll have a period of notice. Furthermore, this notice period can usually only be activated at certain points (usually after 12 month or 6-month blocks). Bearing this in mind, you need to make sure that you time your notice accordingly.

Sometimes, you might have to compromise and perhaps move into a family member’s home if you are already near the end of your tenancy. If this is the case, you might need to lean on something like Safestore Manchester to store some of your belongings whilst staying with family.

Moving your utilities over

Of course, on most parts your new home will have working water, gas and electric. However, there’s every chance that this will be on a poor deal, meaning that you will be paying through the nose for its usage.

It means that you need to contact these providers on the first day of moving into your property, give them a meter reading and put yourself on an acceptable tariff.

Then, there are the internet and other utilities. This is something that doesn’t tend to be automatically switched to you, meaning that you may even have to contact a provider before moving to organise the installation.

Organizing your post

This is where you need to decide if you are going to inform everyone who has your current address that you have moved, or if you take advantage of some sort of redirect service. Quite often, the latter is a good temporary solution while you get things in order.

Something that is often forgotten about is the post when moving house. Sure, your nearest and dearest might be aware that you have moved, but what about everyone else?

Gather your essentials bag

Finally, let’s talk about essentials. On the day of your move this might involve your toothbrush, kettle or even a sharp knife to cut through all of those boxes you have packed.

Either way, these items need to be accessible. You might think that you have packed your belongings in a completely strategic way, that’s going to make them easy to find. Unfortunately, by the time everything arrives in your new home, they probably aren’t easy to find. This is where your essentials bag can come to your rescue and really provide you with that ease and efficiency you require.

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