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The Best Martinis at Manchester Christmas Markets

At one point, I’d get excited for the Christmas Markets purely to sip on a mulled wine and eat a Bratwurst. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy both of them very much so! However, this year – and potentially even last year – I changed my preferences a little. 

I’d venture to the popular Manchester Christmas Markets and enjoy something a little different, like a large paella dish washed down with a Prosecco. And this year, I came across the lovely Bar 3 cabin, set up outside Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, which offers a selection of martini style cocktails. 

As soon as I spied an Espresso Martini on the menu, I was straight inside. I love the whole cosy vibe of the Christmas Markets, where you can get yourself inside the wooden bar and relish the festive vibes. But give me a cocktail at the same time, and I think I’ve found my perfect set up. 

Bar 3 offer up Carthy & Black infused hot drinks and cocktails, giving deliciously creamy alternatives to festive drinks. They offer up a delicious Hot Chocolate with a Gin Cream Liqueur – a real unique take on Hot Choc!

But the best one which got most people talking was the Lemon Cheesecake Cocktail, a frothy, sweet and creamy martini style drink infused with Carthy & Black Gin Cream Liqueur. Mmmmmm…. dreamy! 

I have to say, although you expect Christmas Market style bars to specialise in their hot drinks and mulled wines and coffees, these guys at Bar 3 know exactly how to make a good cocktail. Both the Espresso Martini and Lemon Cheesecake were absolutely scrumptious, and poured to perfection.

I review that many bars in Manchester that I can spot a good quality, well made cocktail as soon as it is slid across the bar to me. 

The cocktails are £7.50 each, and I’d highly recommend the Lemon Cheesecake cocktail infused with the Carthy & Black Gin Cream Liqueur, if you do want my suggestion… 

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