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Lifestyle: Fitness and Technology, Plus WIN an Orb Bluetooth …

Most of my readers will know by now that I try to do as much fitness as possible. It’s pretty impossible these days as free…

Fashion: A Years Supply of adidas Originals Trainers!

They say it’s a mans world, but even so, it’s not often I find myself wishing I was a bloke. Apart from today, when I…

Beauty: Keratin Collagen Shampoo and Giveaway!

Over the past month, I have been using a new shampoo that I am totally loving. I don’t normally fall in love with a shampoo…

Fashion: Phase Eight New Manchester Store and Giveaway!

As you all know I’m a total dress fanatic, so when I heard that Phase Eight is launching a brand new store in Manchester’s Trafford…

WIN: Beauty Essentials Giveaway!

There are a number of reasons today for hosting my latest giveaway, but I’ll limit it down to just two big reasons. The first, is…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did