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TOMS – Style Your Sole

Funky footwear brand TOMS are holding a Style Your Own Sole tour kicking off tomorrow in London’s Carnaby Street. With four other London dates to…

Bridal: Lanvin Blanche S/S’11

I am absolutley wedding-and-bride-talked out, and I suspect the rest of you are too. I can’t promise that other publications and blogs will pull the…

A Touch of Vintage

As we’ve just changed seasons, I’m happy to say that my wardrobe is looking pretty much up to date and ready to face the Summer. My…

Win Nivea and ASOS Timeless Collection

I always love a good fashion and beauty collaboration! Especially when it combines two fabulous brands! The latest is ASOS and Nivea, with ASOS celebrating…

River Island Press Day A/W11

It’s been a month jam packed with Press Days, but for some of us working in the fashion industry up North, it can be become…

Beauty: Xen Tan Spray Tan at Lidos Salon, Altincham

Last week, I did something that was way overdue. I am actually ashamed to admit it, as a girl who loves her beauty, can’t be…

Dior Sunglasses -Hit or Miss?

As we all know, last weekend’s weather was a-mazing. However, us Brit’s are just not used to these sudden bursts of sunshine that it can…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did