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A lot of people ask me over on the blog and on Twitter about the makeup products I swear by daily. I’m assuming when they say ‘daily’, they mean for those normal, everyday type days, like for work. I have a little more pressure put on me during the week because I’m actually a Beauty Editor, so I feel the need to represent the industry I work in and look the part.

That being said, I have a long commute, work tiring hours, spend late evenings running the What Emma Did blog, and try to fit in a bit of socialising/quality boyfriend time. So as you can imagine, time spent on my face is limited.

But there are a few essentials I’m using which help speed up my routine and help me to look as fresh as possible. So here we go, some of the newest makeup products I’ve added for January which I’ve been wearing Monday to Friday…

anastasia cream contour kit
bobbi brown eye shadow cream
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Stone – £19.50

This velvety-smooth formula packed into a cute little pot glides on my eyelids easily with a finger or brush. I’ve been using the stone shade which is a shimmery grey/brown with a hint of lilac. I got introduced to this product from the Bobbi Brown team last year, tried it out for the blog, loved it, but forgot all about it until recently. Now, it’s in my makeup bag every morning, and I literally just blend in a little bit all over my upper lids.

Its super smooth with a touch of shimmer, which lasts all day without creasing or smearing. You can purchase it from Selfridges and House of Fraser.

anastasia cream contour kit
Anastasia Contour Cream – £39

I had heard so many bloggers and makeup artists rave about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Cream Kit. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed when I tried it, I’d just spent so long relying on powder contouring products (which I still rave about, to be honest). The beauty of a cream contour kit is that it provides the ultimate for sculpting and contouring your best features before you set with powder. So if you want it looking even stronger, you can always sweep over with contouring powders.

This kit is more on the professional side, with an advanced creamy formula for light to medium skin tones. It features six highlighting and contouring creams which work together to sculpt, define and enhance your natural features.

I’ve been using the darker tones such as Cinnamon and Chocolate to give the illusion of higher cheekbones, a slimmer face and a softer jawline. For bringing alive the under eye area and cheeks, I’ve been blending in the banana shade, which also hides any redness and dark circles.

The palette takes some practise if you aren’t used to contouring with cream, but I tell you, YouTube is over saturated with reviews of this product, so there’s no excuse not to master it a few goes in. You can buy this from BeautyBay.

Palette Contains:

Banana – Great for highlighting
Cream – Ideal for contouring or deeper highlighting.
Warm Coral – Great for contouring
Ash Brown – Perfect for contouring or adding subtle shadows.
Cinnamon – Great for creating the illusion of shadows.
Chocolate – Perfect for creating deeper shadow effects.

Natio Eyeliner – Brown

Blue eyed girls listen up. Brown eyeliners will make your eyes pop. Fact! I started using this NATIO version in December after I ordered it from LookFantastic. It’s soft – but not too soft it smudges everywhere – but just blends nicely into my lower lash line. It’s definitely more of a warm brown shade, a real rich brown, rather than some of the cooler shades I’ve used before. It’s by far my favourite!

I’ve been using a lot of neutral shades this season, from chocolate browns, warm beige’s and slate greys. As much as I love these everyday tones, half of me is overly excited to ramp it up a little bit as soon as Spring hits! For my girls holidays, hen parties and fun Summer plans, I’ve been looking at a few different makeup products and themes to be a little more ‘fun’. I discovered UV make-up which is going to go down a treat for a crazy girls hen weekend I have planned in April, and I’m also currently on the hunt for a new eyelash brand which retails the more ‘out there’ styles…

Illamasqua Radiance Veil and Matte Veil

So I’ve talked about the Radiance Veil from Illamasqua before on the blog, and now I have recently dipped into trying out the Matte Veil too. In case you’re not too sure what these products are, they are super gorgeous primer pots which work by being applied after your moisturiser but before foundation, to create either a glowing, dewy complexion, or a matte, silky soft look.

I’d still say I’m the world’s biggest fan of the Radiance Veil, as its shimmery particles sit underneath my makeup all day, giving me that effortless gold glow. When I apply highlighter or shimmer powders, these enhance the primer, meaning I don’t have to go overboard on my highlighting steps. There’s just something about this particular product which feels and looks so premium, luxe and special!

I’ve just started using the Matte Veil (available here) during the day, trying to save the Radiance for evenings, and this product has impressed me just as much! It’s a soft peach shade, which blends in and slightly blurs imperfections. It has a real creamy feel, in which my foundation melts into it and creates this fresh, ‘diffused’ look. Plus, my skin stays ultra-moisturised and shine-free!

What products do you use on a daily basis? Do feel free to share…

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