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There’s just one week until Christmas Day and I shamefully haven’t taken part in any festive dressing up this year. In fact, last night was the annual Christmas Party for my workplace, which indeed had a fancy dress theme, but it was ‘A Night At The Movies’ – hardly the most festive themed! This included a random mix of costumes from the media crowd, however I opted for no other than the ‘AS IF’ star Alicia Silverstone in 90’s hit Clueless. So it meant that whilst we are currently a nation of Christmas jumper and reindeer antler headband wearing people, I stuck on my bright yellow two piece and headed out as Cher…

fancy dress party
I almost missed out on getting my hands on this little outfit though, as to my disappointment, a lot of eBay and Amazon sellers were based oversea’s and have a 10 day shipping policy in order for me to receive. The UK based sellers who did happen to have this fancy dress outfit on sale seemed to be selling larger sizes, or selling at ridiculous prices, like £20 just for the skirt. Don’t get me wrong, the skirt isn’t too horrendous, but for £20 it’s highly unlikely I’ll be sticking on a bit of yellow chequered prints once the party had been and gone…

Coming to my rescue however, was the life saver app that is Depop! If you guys have never heard of the app, then perhaps it’s a good time to have a little nosey at it and see if it’s something you’ll like to use. I’ve always been a huge eBay and Amazon user for years, but after being hugely let down by both in search for a last minute outfit, I turned to Depop on the off chance someone would be selling a Cher from Clueless little number. And to my surprise – there were multiple sellers! Meaning I got my hands on the matching skirt and cardigan set from a UK seller at the bargain price of £10. You can just download the app and choose to sell your items on there, or simply browse the thousands of sellers and scan over some cheap items! So a huge thank you to Depop – you saved my life.

On another Christmas themed note – I also stumbled across this Naughty or Nice quiz which shines some light-hearted humour on how you have been this year. Have you been an utter terror, or more angelic than that angel sat on top of your Christmas tree? It’s a fun quiz to send around to work colleagues to liven up your final few days in the office, or just to pass some time and have a go yourself. The quiz has been put together by Paddy Power – have some fun taking part! It’s super quick but and interesting little one too…

Check it out here:

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