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Lifestyle: What I’m Loving This Summer

You’ll have seen it already on most vloggers YouTube videos and most bloggers blogs, not to mention pretty much everyone’s snapchats: just how amazing has the UK weather been lately? It’s really been getting me into the Summer mood, and I’ve definitely been making the most of it. Of course, I’ve had to work a lot, which has meant a limited amount of time outdoors during the week. But over the recent weekends, I’ve been more than lapping up the sunshine in a range of different places, from Snowdon to Windermere and a fair few places in between.

For today’s post, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite little outfits I have put together from fashion retailer Apricot. Its literally a simple yet statement loose fitting vest top and culotte shorts, in a pale colour palette of crisp white and grey. I don’t usually pair together two loose fitting items, but I have to admit I love the simplicity of these two – and how relaxed yet stylish they look. It’s the first time I have owned any items from Apricot, but as I have found out they are super affordable with some lovely on-trend pieces, I’ll be checking them out again…

Moving on from fashion to talk a little more about travels, I spent last weekend soaking up the UK sunshine in good old Bowness-on-Windermere. I took my boyfriend for a pre-birthday weekend, and we had such an amazing time walking about the busy town in the hot rays of the sun. We took a small adventure to a look out point called Orrest Head, which gives stunning views of Lake Windermere and all the amazing views. We also had a little boat cruise of the Lake, and dined at a fantastic restaurant called Porto in the evening. We were totally lucky that the weather was on our side, and if you are thinking of paying the Lake District a visit, I’d try to wait until you can be sure of a warm-ish day to head there. It’s such a nice place to enjoy the great outdoors.

From trekking up hill at Orrest Head to sipping white wine spritzers at The Village Bar and Grill, here’s a couple of snaps which showcase my weekend…

lake windermere sunset
lake windermere
lake windermere
chocolate chip ice cream
orrest head
So slowly going back onto the talk about fashion, I have one final little love to share with you. I recently ditched my trusty watch which I have been wearing since my 21st birthday (a silver DKNY one) and switched it up for this shiny new Olivia Burton version. I have been looking for a new watch for so long, and found so much choice and inspiration over at Discount Watch Store to help me discover which style and type I wanted. When t comes to watches, I guess its always been one of those areas where I’ve been a little clueless with styles, trends and shapes. I mean, there are so many brands out there and pretty designs, I literally had no idea which new type I wanted. All I knew though was I was in desperate need of a fancy new piece of wrist candy, so luckily I did a bit of trend researching.

One watch trend I explored was the classic, silver strap designs, with sleek and modern faces. I saw a range of Bulova watches¬†which impressed me with their premium look, but then I also loved the chunkier, more industrial looking ones from Citizen, which have little watch faces inside the actual main face. For those of you who are quite active and like to indulge in a bit of sporting activity, you’ll probably like the latest range of sport style watches from Casio. I love the bold faces, and the legendary Baby G style watch sits under this brand. Last but not least, I studied some super shiny Invicta watches, which come in previous looking metals such as glowing gold shades and rose gold faces (and for the American readers – or those interested in worldwide politics – here’s a link that the site has to remind you to vote!)

olivia burton
With my little weekend in the Lake District, a few pretty garments and a gorgeous new watch, I feel more than content with my Summer shopping.

No doubt I’ll be back very soon with some more top Summer fashion and lifestyle picks!

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