Lifestyle: Top 5 Spring Interior Trends 2016

Spring home flair

Give your home decor a spring clean with a fabulous selection of interiors perfect for this sunny season. From the prettiest pastels to the most dashing designs, this spring I’ve been inspired by some of the hottest trends for 2016.

If you’re looking to liven up your living space with a host of spring colours, prints and themes, then I have rounded up some little ideas for all the decorating divas out there for some guidance.

Depending on where you live, you may already be enjoying the fresh sights and sounds of spring, as the winter chill feels like a distant memory. It is indeed a welcome change for the most of us, with bird song filling in the air and sunshine streaming colour into our living rooms. It’s a time for new beginnings and nothing spells the change of a season quite like a home makeover.

1) Seasonal Statement

Make a bold statement this season and switch up your colour palette from the neutral, nocturnal shades to a bright pop of pink! For the summer, a new favourite colour is on the market. Pink is making a return and we’re not talking about the bubblegum, barbie pinks loved by your teen daughter – oh no! This season dusky/ pastel pinks are back and we’re loving the warmth they bring to an otherwise bland space.

image (1)
image (2)

2) Themes

Not another theme we hear you cry! Love them or hate them, you sure can’t escape them. It seems recycling trends from years gone by adds a classic chic feel to your abode as homeowners experiment with a truly stand-out collection of designer interiors. Having different themes around your house reflects your varied personality while having one strong design will make a bold statement.

3) Wall Art

Want to create the illusion of an artistic wall space? If you want to impress guests with a real sense of creative charm, then statement wall art will do wonders for your home this Spring/Summer 2016. It’s all about drawing interest to an otherwise large expanse of space without having to go to the effort of a new paint job. There’s a great range of wall art on the market this season for homeowners looking to switch up their home interiors with a fresh new look.
4) Rustic Homeware 

Modern rustic interiors are back on the market and we’re loving the rugged, natural beauty they bring to our homes. It embraces nature-inspired textures, earthy colours and ultimately presents a traditional twist to popular home interiors. While some dated additions might appear dark and heavy in our homes, the contemporary rustic style is a favourite offering up a fresh, fancy-free and relaxed atmosphere.

image (4)image (5)

5) Exotic Patterns

Exotic prints have been making waves in home across the UK for some time now, but this spring you can expect a surge of these daring designs. As the world gears up for the excitement of Rio 2016 this August, expect to see an injection of Brazilian prints and jungle-themed home decor! To achieve this look, fill your home with bright, bold and clashing colours such as oranges, yellows and greens – and don’t forget to accessorise with wild wallpaper, printed cushions and exotic plants.

print cushion
wallpaper print green


If you’re looking to redecorate this spring or perhaps you just fancy a change up with some on-trend pieces of stylish homeware, Home Flair Decor specialise in the finest, luxury interiors for their customers (as pictured above).


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