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I’m pretty close to officially calling myself a workaholic. It’s rare you’ll see me without my head buried into my laptop of my iPhone, frantically typing away.

I’m a full time blogger, journalist and online influencer (for those who aren’t too sure ‘what Emma does’ – haha), so the majority of my projects, campaigns and collaborations include creating content all day everyday, from my laptop. You’ll normally find me sipping green tea and eating carbs whilst editing photography, creating video content, working on social media plans, and more often, working on this website!

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As much as I love it, I take my work way too seriously sometimes and forget to take breaks and enjoy a bit of time away from the ‘bloggersphere’. It’s a great thing to love what you do, but it’s also unhealthy when you let it take over.

I’ve tried a few things to help me break off from my work, but in all honesty, being away from my phone or laptop just makes me more anxious. So I’ve actually found that finding ways to enjoy myself and take some time out on my laptop or phone, but not actually doing work, is the best thing for me.

It means I can still sit at my desk, or sofa at home, or wherever work takes me that day, and switch off from work for an hour or so.

One of my recent discoveries is online gaming – divulging myself into some fun ‘me time’, via CasinoEuro. In a nutshell, CasinoEuro is Europe’s favourite online casino sites, where you can play sooooo many games from your laptop, phone or device. You can go all traditional and play those casino favourites, like Roulette, Slots and Black Jack, or, you can experiment a bit more with their range of fun slot machine style games.

They also cater to the current trends and ‘whats hot’. For example, I love the show Phantom of the Opera, it’s literally my favourite show second to Les Miserables. So when I found a Phantom of the Opera themed game on CasinoEuro, I thought amazing! I can indulge in a quick half an hour game when I break off from work and literally don’t wan to think about anything work related for a little while.

I’ve also found another favourite game over there called Starburst, which is currently taking up my coffee breaks during the day at the moment! It’s actually a visually stunning game, with the prettiest of colours and graphics. I’m literally captivated by the screen…

I have to admit that trying online gaming is completely new to me, and I’m finding it’s a real fun way of breaking off from my busy workload and just having me time. It’s really quick and easy to sign up and of course, you can enjoy all the games responsibly, you can set yourself limits with time and money.

It’s best to just set yourself your own deposits and money, and the slots automatically stop if you’ve requested them to after 30 minutes of playing, or if you lose more than a set amount.

You never know though, you could win big on these various games! I’m still waiting for my big win, but I have had a few lucky streaks at present which is super exciting. A great way for me recently to switch off from work mode and just enjoy myself …

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