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afternoon tea and cake
afternoon tea manchester

You know when you have one of those months where everything seems to be booked in? Weddings, hen weekends, 30ths, working away… along with work deadlines, events, and just general burn out activities? Well that’s exactly what September and October looked like. I can remember the strain of it all like it was last nights dream (or nightmare), therefore I can also remember how relieved I was when I managed to book in for a pampering spa day on a random Sunday once those months were over. Sometimes, all we need to do in order to relax a little and to clear our minds is to book in for luxury spa break, even if just for the day, in the company of a good old gal pal. But I guess looking after ourselves is sometimes not always our number one priority…

With living in Manchester, I have always been familiar with Marriott Hotels, although surprisingly I have never stayed at one or experienced what they have to offer. Once I had booked in for the Spa Day and Afternoon Tea session at the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, just 15 minutes drive from my town, I was genuinely really looking forward to it due to the excellent reputation the hotel brand has.  Obviously, my tired self was just days away from a physical burn out, and my plus one friend had not long just had a baby, so a girly day out was just what we needed.

As well as being able to use the pool and spa facilities at the hotel’s Spa of Senses, we were both booked in for a Decleor facial, lasting 60 minutes. The cleanse and exfoliation was followed by a wheat mask treatment, which in more simple terms was a heated wheat application to draw out impurities, brighten the skin and re-texture. I do tend to have a lot of facials and skin treatments, but boy have I never had a heated wheat mask before. It actually felt like hot Weetabix was being applied to my face, yet it felt so comforting and relaxing. Once it was removed and my skin was moisturised, it looked super radiant and glowing, not to mention incredibly soft and smooth to touch. Definitely a facial treatment I have never experienced before, but one I wouldn’t mind going back for!

marriott worsley
marriott worsley
Following our facial treatments, we took advantage of taking a little bit of time out to enjoy the jacuzzi, steam room and pool areas, which were clean, spacious and welcoming. In all honesty I possibly wouldn’t have removed myself for a long time had I not booked afternoon tea for myself and my friend at 2pm. And even then I found it difficult to drag my tired self out of the steam room, but cake was waiting, and if one thing is going to make me move quickly, then it’s cake.

marriott worsley
marriott worsley
scones and butter
green tea
After spending a couple of hours in the Spa, we were taken through to The Chimney Bar and Lounge where a delicious array of sandwiches, scones, cake and tea were waiting for us. The portion size was ideal for two, with all the usual sandwich favourites and the tastiest scones with copious amounts of jam and cream (which lets face it, that’s always the best part!). The selection of cakes on offer was also impressive – sometimes hotels can go that little bit too fancy and provide a range of fruit tarts and cream cakes, when sometimes all you want is a good mixture of sponge cake and traditional bites. This one certainly did the job here, with spongy Red Velvet Cake and little squares of almond and Bakewell tart.

One of the nicest observations from my day at Worsley Park was just how stunning the hotel is and the grounds it sits on. From taking in the beautiful approach and entrance, surrounded by neat and well looked after gardens, you can see instantly why it’s a favourite location for weddings and large parties. Just simply looking around the hotel from both the outside and the inside is truly picturesque, with pretty design features and an impeccable golfing area for the men to enjoy (or ladies too if that’s your thing…however I’d much rather watch!)

It’s clear to see how this hotel has earned it’s 4 star luxury reputation. All the staff – from the helpful receptionist, the attentive therapist and the polite waitresses – went above and beyond what was expected of them to ensure I was feeling relaxed and enjoying my experience.

A fantastic hotel and service – I would definitely recommend for those of you looking for a new place to try for a girly weekend break or day out.

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