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Today’s post is actually one I wanted to get live last week, to fall in line with International Women’s Day, but unfortunately the blog schedule was too manic. Better late than never as they say! So today I’m talking about inspirations, and what (or who) out there inspires me everyday to get on with my life, to be the best I can be, or encourages me to do even better.

It’s a funny old topic, because in today’s world, celebrities or those in the public eye get so much stick for being classed as inspirations for young people, being blamed for not doing anything ‘Earth shattering’ or setting amazing standards. I completely see where people come from with this view, but I do think that it can be taken a little too literally. For example, it’s nice to have a number of celebrities or women in the public eye as our inspirations if we have a certain reason for feeling that way. It’s not just a super powerful person who changes the world who should be accepted as an inspiration – we are a nation of women and girls who battle our own journeys everyday, having our own personal situations we actually find comfort from by having a celebrity inspiration.

In case I’m loosing you a little bit here, I’ll explain what I mean. Before I was going to Australia, I wanted to tone up and have my body in the best shape possible for a year of beach living. I had Millie Mackintosh as my inspiration, and had her ‘gymspiration’ photos saved on my iPhone screensaver to spur me on and encourage me to work hard. When I wanted to launch my clothing boutique and set up a dedicated dress shop as part of What Emma Did, I pinned photos of Lucy Meck up on my noticeboard in my home office, because I knew she had launched her own boutique as well as running a million other things – just like me. These may be ‘reality TV stars’ – but who is to say they should be slammed as inspirations?

From the back of that – and constantly being encouraged by the inspirations I chose – I managed to become toned, healthy and fighting fit for a year in Australia. A flat belly and toned arms were mine! I also launched my boutique, and now stock a range of 30 different dresses.

So never be ashamed of having an inspiration that isn’t Mother Theresa or Princess Diana. Yes, these women shaped our world, but the point of this post is to let you think a little more about the other women inspirations out there, that can actually inspire you for the smaller goals you may have.

I’ll stop chatting now, and leave you with this lovely infographic highlighting powerful women. Loving that Emma Watson appears in this! The infographic can also be found over at the Blue Vanilla website.

Powerful Women

Provided by Blue Vanilla

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