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Lifestyle: Office Interior Inspiration

Some slightly exciting news in the world of whatemmadid.com, although nothing is final so it isn’t officially ‘official’ s yet. But, I have began my journey to becoming a homeowner! I’m currently in the process of buying a house – or an Em Pad as better known to myself- and I am ridiculously excited. I have been apartment sharing for the past few years as I much as I love city centre living and having a flatmate, it’s just come to the time where I am so busy with my career and freelancing that I need a second bedroom to become my office, I need more storage spaces, I want to start decorating so I add add my personal touch and design to the rooms, and it also makes much more sense as what I would actually be paying monthly towards my mortgages is actually lower payments that the expensive costs of renting!

The first room I am excited to kit out will be my office. Yes, my very own whatemmadid.com office. In true ‘creative types’ style, I have been turning to the lifesaver that it Pinterest to get my creative mind flowing, seeking inspiration for a clean, chic, stylish yet professional looking office…


This uber coll clipboard idea could actually be brought into the kitchen or dining room to for a real quirky, creative look…



In true Emma style, I’ll be setting up boards pinned with my ideas, magazine tears, sketches and notes (as well as a few splashes of colour swatches) so I can fully plan what my palace will look like. I feel like my office will really reflect my workig business, and it needs to be filled with inspirational products that will encourage me to work hard and keep up with my work. I’ll be on a tight budget, so I have been looking at The Works for stationary, books and office supplies for little bits to keep me kitted out. The selection of affordable books they retail are actually really good!

theworks b
fashion illustration
alexander mcqueen
I also came across some really smart storage boxes that are pretty cheap to stock up on, so I’ll be piling up with these too, as I sure have a lot of bits and pieces that need storing away neatly.

Do you have a home office? Any inspirational rooms you have come across that maybe you would love to share?

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