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Since arriving back into Manchester from my trip to Australia, I noticed a growing trend on Instagram. Not a fashion one this time – but more of a food one! American style breakfasts involving sugar coated waffles, thick french toast and stacks of sweet pancakes. So where is this amazing place? Moose Coffee in Manchester!

Situated at number 20, York Street, I had to queue up for half an hour on my first visit on a Sunday morning, as that’s how popular it gets at weekends. But let me tell you – it was worth the wait!

moose coffee

I combined sweet and savoury by opting for the stack of 3 pancakes with streaky, crispy bacon and maple syrup. It was possibly the most enjoyable breakfast I have had in a long time. It’s very filling, but I don’t have a tendancy to ever feel full so I could just keep on going and going! My sister had the same as me, and my other friend had a sweeter version where the bacon was replaced with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. To die for!! May I also add the coffee’s were lovely, big mugs of frothy cappuccino’s…

Moose coffee
Amongst the menu was lots of unhealthy, American style treats, yet there is also an extensive list of healthy options too, such as Eggs Benedict and scrambled egg meals, and also a range of sandwiches. However, to get the best Moose Coffee experience, I would recommend the pancakes, french toast or waffles anyday! Why not add an enormous flavoured milkshake to your order as well just to ensure you have a true fatty American style food portion? (Note: It’s actually a Canadian style diner, however I felt very much at American home…)


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