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Lifestyle: How to Prepare for Blog Events

When you’re a busy blogger, you’ll find it’s easy to get inundated with all the blog events and social situations that take place. Something a lot of bloggers ask me – or what I hear a lot of bloggers talk about during events – is what essentials they should be armed with for every event. After all, some event that take place are brilliant content opportunities, so it’s important to turn up well equipped.

As I’ve been blogging and attending these types of events with brands for over 7 years, I’ve experienced a change in blogger events and how to prepare for them.

To get the most out of your experiences, here’s what you should prepare (especially if it’s a fine dining affair!)

1. A Camera

This is a given, as you’ll need to take visual assets from each event so you have lots of creative images for your blog and social media. And memories in general on that note! If you can, make sure you have a professional camera if you’re looking at being an advanced blogger or influencer. It’s essential to have your smart phone with you, but a lot of events are set in dimly lit rooms, hosted at evening dinners or presented as fashion show type set-up’s, which can give you dark, blurry imagery.

2. Battery Back-up

The main thing you’ll find bloggers and influencers doing during an event is filming, taking photos, tweeting, Instagram-ing, snapchatting, creating live videos and online ‘stories’. And this all takes place on our smartphones, meaning battery life can take a huge nose dive. The solution to this is to ensure you have a smart, stylish portable phone charger to hand at all times, as I’ve found out many times! The thing is, there are a lot of generic, unattractive portable chargers out there, and if you’re going to be pulling one out of your handbag at these lovely events, you want one to represent you (and your brand, because as a blogger, you are your brand, right?).

I love these beautifully designed, innovative devices by UPLOND. They are sleek and premium looking, yet slim enough to pop into the compartments of your bag. The Monolite is my very favourite, as it’s a no-fuss, chrome plated version with a mirror finish.

3. Business Cards

One thing you’ll do lots of at blog events is network. Whether it be with fellow bloggers and influencers, or brands, celebrities or industry professionals etc, you’ll meet and swap stories with so many different kinds of people. You never know – sometimes these people can be the key to a new opportunity. Always make sure you have business cards with your contact details to hand. Nothing looks more scatty or unorganised that no being able to offer one out in exchange.

4. A Stylish Diary

At some events, you may be lucky enough to meet and learn from guest speakers, or influential people. Keep a trendy diary in your bag (and a pen!) for any note-taking, and also in case any meet-ups are arranged and you can record the dates in your diary. Also, when I’m at events, I sometimes get inspired by something which brings on a new content idea. If I don’t write it down, it will no doubt slip out of my head.

Other than the essentials mentioned above, make sure you plan your outfit accordingly, and dress for the occasion. A casual coffee shop meet-up just requires comfy jeans and a stylish top, but a sit down dinner lets you wear a pretty dress of a smart blazer paired with heels.

Be friendly and polite to everyone, and ask questions! You never know when you may need these people later on in your blogging career….

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