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So this year I decided not to do #Blogmas (a Christmas themed blog post everyday from the 1st December) but technically I have almost managed to get a post live everyday during the month, so today I’m going to round up with one of my final Christmas themed posts. Yesterdays post was quite a personal one about how I’ll be choosing to relax over the holidays, so todays post is focusing on a few recommendations in general on how to enjoy a stress-free, family filled, fun festive period! I’ve thrown in a few ideas on how to look after yourself, some things to indulge in, and just in general how to really enjoy the last few days of December…

So here we go!

1. Over Indulge Without The Guilt

How many times do you hear the phrase “It’s Christmas – I’ll diet in January”? Yes. EXACTLY. You hear it about five times a day from about five different people. In fact, you say it out loud about yourself, every time you nibble into that mince pie from the packet being passed around the office. Every time that Toffee Nut Latte with the whipped cream and sprinkles from Starbucks passes your lips on your way to work. So enjoy it. Don’t fret about it. Indulge in a pot of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and keep it in your kitchen cupboard as your comforting go-to drink during December. Offer it out to guests so you don’t feel like the fattest pig on the planet. Worry about it in January. Just make sure you really do give it up in January… (a personal favourite by the way is Whittard’s version below, complete with marshmallows!)

salted caramel hot chocolate

2. Take Long Baths

Slow down this Christmas! Try not to make back to back plans so that you are constantly rushing around. The Christmas period should be about winding down, seeing friends and family, and experiencing a lot of ‘me’ time. Create a better relationship with your bathroom – use it as a sanctuary at least just for a week. Which actually brings me on to my bath time recommendation – The Sanctuary spa products. I’ve been filling my bath with these luxury body washes and bath creams and losing myself in ‘me’ time for at least half an hour. Bring your favourite magazine with you, leave your phone in another room, pop on a face mask and do nothing but relax…

the sanctuary products
3. Beautify Yourself

Use this ‘downtime’ week to polish and preen yourself! Find an excuse to use that expensive face mask that looks so pretty sat or your dressing table. Slather your body in gradual false tanning cream to start prepping your skin for the upcoming Spring season. Cut your nails to a length you love, shape them with a good filing session, and paint them with a festive bold red or glittery gold polish. And don’t forget those neglected toes!

bazaar magazine

4. Treat Your Tresses
One part of me which is certainly getting treated this Christmas period is definitely my hair. After a year of being abused by harsh colouring, curling, and using an awful low powered hair dryer to dry, I’ve stepped up my game with a brand new hairdryer and straightener from Babyliss. The Babyliss Straighteners & Dryer bundle from BrightHouse is the perfect set for me this Christmas – it’s a super girly colour, it’s powerful, it’s stylish, and it’s exactly what I was missing! After blowing up my rather fancy hairdryer earlier this year, this Babyliss dryer has 3 heat settings, 2 speeds (plus a cool shot) and a powerful torque motor for twice the air pressure of a normal dryer. Plus it’s slim concentrator nozzle has been providing me with super shiny hair! The straightener that comes with the dryer is also a joy to use – it uses advanced ceramics™ for ultra-fast heat recovery to maintain constant high heat during use, and has a temperature max of 235 degrees. Working with the dryer, it has nano ceramic plates to give an ultimate smooth and shiny finish.

Alongside giving my hair a lot of deep conditioning treatments, I’ll be enjoying using some decent haircare products on my hair during the Christmas period. Take a look at how shiny the Babyliss products make it below (no product has been used – no smoothers or shine sprays!)

babyliss dryer
babyliss hairdryer
babyliss hairdryer
babyliss hair straightener
babyliss hair straightener
babyliss hair straightener
what emma did
what emma did
Not bad for bleached, dry and damaged hair!

5. Take Up Board Games
I mentioned a similar point to this in my previous post, but I can’t stress enough how nice it would be if everyone limited their laptop and tablet usage over the Christmas break, and opted for traditional activities instead. Why not bring out the Monopoly board game? Or indulge in a little bit of old-school charades games? It’s a perfect way to bring the family together!

6. Go For Winter Walks
Leave the car at home, round up the family and the dog (or a neighbours dog if you don’t have your own and wish to do a good deed) and embark on a wintery walk. Visit your nearest national park, open fields, or just a lovely walking route, and take in the cold crisp air. Wrap up in your newest scarf and glove set, pop on your woolly hat, and enjoy some real conversation.

What measures will you be taking this Christmas to have a stress-free, family filled one?

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