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cosy christmas
cosy christmas
It’s arrived – the final few days before Christmas! For most of you who know me – and for those who regularly read the blog – will know that 2015 has been a complete whirlwind of a year. It’s been a year of house renovations, moving myself into my very first ‘own home’, growing the blog, launching a dress boutique, I got promoted at work… and so it continues. However, I have made sure I have still had time to see all my loved ones, as I became an auntie for the first time less than six months ago, and I make sure I fill my evenings and weekends with seeing my nearest and dearest. That has lead to one thing not happening throughout 2015: having relaxing ‘me’ time.

I am a complete and utter stranger to chilling out, switching off and doing nothing. It hasn’t happened at all this year, and to be quite blunt, I am absolutely worn out! 2016 has a lot of exciting opportunities for me to chase, so I see it being another full on year, which has lead me to put this post together. No matter how much work I have backlogged, or how much website worries I have, event invites or shop queries, I am officially taking a week off over Christmas. Yep that’s right – no frantic blog posts, no 2am bedtimes, no 6am wake-ups, no mad post office dashes between meetings, work and events. I’ll be taking a whole week off to relax, and here’s how I am going to do it…

cosy christmas
cosy christmas
cosy christmas
1. Have a cosy, indoor Christmas
I’m one of those people who is always cold, and I blooming hate it. I’m always the one wrapped up in layers, shivering away. During the week off, I’m giving myself a #WynsorsCosyChristmas. By this, I’m going to spend the best part of a week indoors, wrapped in a Christmas themed snuggly blanket, wearing my newest favourite slippers from Wynsors. These are the little Pug slippers in my above photos – just how adorable are these? Every time I look down at my feet I instantly brighten up, they are just so super cute and make me enjoy slobbing around in my comfies. Why would I want to pop my shoes on and go outside when I can stay in wearing these little cuties?

2. Limit laptop time
I’m making a pact with myself to limit the time I spend hunched over my laptop during the Christmas break. I’ll still be running, but on a much quieter scare for the week. If I do chose to indulge in technology, it will go as far as downloading more Christmas songs onto Spotify and making some fun playlists. Or internet sales shopping of course! Either way, I’ll be chosing to relax and take a break from work, which means cutting down on that laptop time!

3. Creating a cosy atmosphere
Too many times I light my favourite candles and brew up my favourite hot drink, and then don’t have time to appreciate the warming atmosphere. I get distracted with burring my head into my laptop, notebooks and all sorts, killing the social media channels and giving myself a headache from eye strain. To relax this Christmas, I’ll be lighting my favourite candles again and enjoying lots of indulgent food and drink, but popping on a film instead, or having family and friends round for a good natter. I’ll be making sure I create a cosy little haven in my living room, and won’t be distracting myself with the usual daily jobs.

4. Planning early nights
Those 2am bedtimes will be a thing of the past during my relaxing Christmas week. And as boring as it sounds, I won’t be encouraging myself to go out on the razz until midnight either. I’ll be using my week off to enjoy the one thing I never experience – early nights, and late mornings. As soon as 10pm hits, I’ll be getting into my PJ’s at lightening speed, trying to catch up on all the missing sleep 2015 has brought with it. Hopefully you’ll see a lot more bright eyed selfies in 2016 on the blog rather than the heavy lid ones I currently have…

cosy christmas
cosy christmas
cosy christmas
5. Live in my dressing gown
Ah…this is the one I am the most excited about! Just in time for Christmas, I got myself the loveliest, fluffiest dressing gown. It’s the Teddy Gown from Damart, and it’s the warmest snuggly fleece gown with a lightweight feel. I also chose to have it in this bright pink girly shade, to add a pop of colour to my Wintery nights indoors. It’s super warm and comfy; once I have wrapped this around me over the top of my PJ’s, there is no way I am taking this off. It’s the main outfit I’ll be wearing this Christmas, and is a steal at £19.00. Never mind your novelty Christmas jumper, or your sparkly party themed dress. Just give me my Damart Teddy Gown and I’ll be smiling from ear to ear all week off…

Some other ways I’ll be relaxing will involve making phone calls to my friends instead of being glued to Whatsapp, baking some yummy desserts in my new kitchen, drinking copious amounts of salted caramel hot chocolate from my Christmas themed mug (as above!), watching classic films and playing traditional board games.

I can’t wait! How will you be relaxing this Christmas?

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    • whatemmadid
      December 23, 2015 / 4:24 pm

      Mega sweet aren’t they! Love pugs! 🙂

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