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I know how much everyone loves a little bit of home office inspiration, and for me as a blogger, I’ve been desperate for a home office space for many years. Somewhere I can sit and write to my hearts content. Somewhere I can get lost in blogging, filled with home comforts and inspirations around me. Somewhere I can photograph all my ‘blogger bits’ and feel right at home. I have wanted this space for so long.

For the ones who follow what I do, you’ll know I run a dress boutique alongside the blog, so it’s also really important I have reasonable space to store all my stock and stationary for this. Hangers, rails, compliment slips, jiffy bags, stock, tripods… you name it, it all takes up a ridiculous amount of space! So towards the back end of last year, I was lucky enough to be able to turn my second bedroom into a home office, completely dedicated to running and storing all my essentials.

I’m completely aware that not everyone is as fortunate to have the spare space to do this. before I moved into my house, I shared an apartment and had a teeny tiny bedroom where the majority of my life was stored under my bed! So I wanted to put together a couple of storage and furniture tips to help you make the best of the space you may – or may not- have:

1. Think small and compact
You’ll see from the photo above that I have cleverly purchased a cube type storage unit, which contains four squares for sliding in canvas boxes. This is perfect for the flat pack dresses I sell, which can pile up inside these without creating an eyesore, or any mess. You can store anything in these, and can also purchase canvas boxes of any colour and print to add your own personal stamp on your room.

2. Get visual inspiration
Small spaces can often be quite stressful to consider ‘kitting out’, as it’s hard to visualise what storage units or shelves can fit into them to cleverly create handy storage. Don’t be afraid to steal ideas from Pinterest, Instagram and interior blogs – these sites have some beautiful ideas from a wide range of sources. Then, keeping your favourite home office or bedroom images to hand, have a good look at buying some furniture online. There are some super affordable sites which offer unique shelving units, drawers or desks which can fit into any size rooms, corners, nooks and cranny’s. It’s about scoping out as much inspiration online as possible.

3. Invest in a great desk
Whether you are a full time or part time blogger, a working girl, a student, or a stay at home Mum, it benefits everyone to have a desk. But ideally, you shouldn’t just look for any old desk if you are trying to create more space and be a little nifty with your storage. Look for a desk with pull out draws, or one with a draw and a row of shelves on the side. This means in just the space that the desk takes up, you can hide away lots of your stationary/make-up/whatever you wish. If it’s a good size width-wise too, you can get some great units to go ontop of the desk to also help de-clutter your desktop.

4. Don’t forget your walls
It’s not just furniture and units which can help save space and create a lovely home office; wall art can do something similar if you are clever with it! Think about pin boards, wire rack peg boards, collages and clipboards which can all be arranged onto walls in a decorative way. These can not only look creative and chic, but can also be a handy place to store important bills, letters, reminders and photos etc.

5. Mirror it!
Mirrors are the best for giving the illusion of a bigger room, and can help to reflect white space if you have any white walls, giving a clean look. If you don’t have already, look at mirrored wardrobes, or a full length mirror which sits on the floor. They may appear bulky, but it will really open out the room and give you a nice airy space to get ready too.

I hope the above tips have gave a little inspiration if you have a little corner, or spare room perhaps, that you would like to turn into more of a working area. I guess the bottom line to remember is that it doesn’t matter what space you have, but what you do with it that counts!

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