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So you may have seen my last two Christmas Gift Guide posts which focus heavily on beauty, so today’s is a little different. As the majority of us have a wide range of people to gift, such as Mothers, babies and work colleagues, I’ve highlighted a couple of options below which fall under home items and miscellaneous (don’t you just love that word – literally anything goes).

This gift guide has been put together using three retailers I absolutely love and depend on when it comes to stocking up on gifts: I Just Love It, I Want One Of Those, and Flamingo Gifts. So starting from the top image and working my way down… lets get some gift inspiration rolling!
flamingo candles

Flamingo Candles

If you are a blogger or read a lot of blogs, you may have seen lots of them raving on about how cute and lovely these candles are. They are definitely a bloggers favourite, which means yep – I love them too! The reason these make uber cool gifts is that they look classic and modern enough for anybodies house. The simple jar feature and shiny black lid gives a traditional look, with a sweet little flamingo embossed onto the front.

The colour of the flamingo is different to represent each scent, and you can chose from an array of fantastic ones such as Macaroon and Almond (that’s the baby pink one below),  Asian Pear and Plum, Cheesecake Crunch, Fresh Peppermint and Lemon Curd to just name a few. For £12 each from Flamingo Gifts, they are a fantastic stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

flamingo candles
Initial Mugs

Mugs displaying a bold initial letter are extremely popular right now, and I think it’s a great idea for everyone to own one! Whether you are in a couple and each have your own initial mug, or you buy one for a teacher, colleague or even just yourself, they make such a fab addition to your kitchen cupboard.

A nice bold purple one like this one below from I Just Love It is currently on my coffee table as I am sat here writing this gift guide- it really does add that touch of chic to your home. £12.99 from

E initial mug
E initial mug
E initial mug
Orla Kiely Home Accessories

If you want to gift someone a couple of lovely home accessories but on a budget, then why not look at a stylish designer such as Orla Kiely, and select a couple of little decorative bits for the home that won’t break the bank but will still look super gorgeous in your friends/family members home. Orla Kiely products are often associated with modern and cosy styled homes with a touch of designer chic, so I have pulled out this cream Tea Light Lantern and Textured Flower Grey and Cream Mug.

The lantern looks lovely placed aside a fireplace, and the mug is a timeless addition to anyone’s kitchen. The tea light lantern costs just £9.99 and is a great gift for someone who appreciates making their home all cosy looking, and the mug makes an impressive and thoughtful gift costing just £8.99. Both from Flamingo Gifts

orla keily tea light holder
orla keily gifts
Little Miss Gifts

OK so you can see I have a strong mug theme running through this gift guide, but the beauty of a mug is that you can opt for a classic and designer option if you are gifting somebodies parents or someone you don’t know overly well, or for those you know inside and out you can really go to town making customisations with these, or a mug which represents their character.

And this is where the Little Miss collection comes in! How about deflating your fella’s ego with a Mr Noisy mug, or gifting your sister a Little Miss Trouble option? The mugs costs £7.95 from Flamingo Gifts.

little miss trouble mug
little miss trouble mug
Fun Food Storage

And by this, I don’t mean boring stackable see-through containers! I mean quirky motif containers in a range of bright colours to really add some fun to somebodies kitchen, packed lunches or food storage in general. Leftovers will have never looked for good!

This funky collection of 4 stackable boxes make up the Happy Jackson Snack Box Set, for just £8.99 from IWOOT. Each box comes in a different bright colour with a little message on each including: Yay! Leftovers, Snacktastic, Picky things and Tiny Treats.

food storage boxes
food storage boxes
food storage boxes
Floating Light

This rechargeable floating light really is a unique gift – I’ve never seen anything like it! This item is £7.99 again from IWOOT, which lets you transform any glass or tumbler in your home into an ambient light with the Rechargeable Floating Light. You just simply fill your chosen glass with water, float the light on top, apply the included lampshade to your glass and you are ready to offer any room in your home a relaxed, ambient atmosphere.

The light is easy to recharge via an included USB cable. Maybe a quirky gift idea for someone who likes to go away a lot, or on camping trips, and might make use of this intelligent little gift!

floating light
Personalised Name Train

Ahhh how sweet it this – I have just purchased this for my best friends little boy called Henry. It’s a gorgeous Personalised Wooden Name Train which can make a lovely little keepsake, and also for children to drag around the room playing with their own personalised train. The letters hook on to each other with metal clasps, but when they’re not busy pushing it round their train tracks (or the floor), this unique toy train will look very pretty sat on a shelf, mantle piece, in the little one’s bedroom.

I’ve popped into in front of my fairy lights on my fireplace to showcase how it looks for this blog post – rather nice right? This costs from £10.99 from I Just Love It.

kids gifts
kids gifts
Personalised Tree Decorations

Now this is another adorable little gift for little one’s! The one photographed below is a personalised star tree decoration I have purchased for my niece, Emilia. It reads A Special Little Girls First Christmas, with the name and the years customised onto it.

The wooden hanging star looks so beautiful hung from a Christmas Tree, but it is totally up to the person receiving the gift where they wish to hang it.  The hanging star costs £12.99 from I Just Love It.

personalised tree decoration
personalised tree decoration
personalised tree decoration
Personalised Doormat

Know someone who may have just moved into their first home, or a new home? Want to display a personalised message to someone in a way they wouldn’t expect? Whatever your reason may be, a personalised doormat is a unique and thoughtful gift for a homeowner or someone renting their own place.

I for one treated myself to this ‘Hello Pretty’ doormat which is a little inspirational message, every time I go out the back door to go to the bins Very glamorous! You can actually see it visibly from standing in my kitchen and I just love it. Available from I Just Love It for £39.99

personalised door matt
If you’re currently searching for Secret Santa gifts, I found a site which has a dedicated page to these gifts. Click to read more.

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