Lifestyle: Create Your Own Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar

Chocolate fans, I have some pretty exciting news! I for one am an absolute chocolate obsessive, and it appears that a lot of my cocoa filled dreams have just come true: my all-time favourite choc brand – Cadbury – has called on fans to design its next chocolate bar.

The Cadbury Inventor website is now live, which lets chocoholics from around the country choose from more than 90,000 flavour combinations online. Over at Cadbury, they’ve allowed you to invent, design and name your chocolate bar of your dreams.

I for one have always been a huge fan of Cadbury chocolate bars, they are like a security blanket or a safety net for me, but in chocolate form. That may sound extreme, but when I browse the chocolate sections at the supermarket and I get stuck for choice, nothing quite beats a traditional Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut bar.

Or even a good old classic Cadbury Dairy Milk itself.

When you go to the Cadbury inventor website, you’ll see that Cadbury have treated us all to an outstanding range of unconventional ingredients to combine together to create your dream chocolate bar. I’m talking ingredients such as such as pistachio nuts, marshmallows, elderflower, cookie, popping candy, tangy orange, chilli and even mustard. 

Each to their own, right?

Then, after having a go at making your own and naming it to your preference, three finalists who have created the best creations will have the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Bournville, the home of Cadbury.

There, they will work with chocolate experts to get making their dream chocolate creations a real-life chocolate treat.

The general public will then vote for their favourite bar, as it’s a public vote as well as sales data, and the winners creation will go on sale in supermarkets across the country for a minimum of a year. How amazing?!

So of course, I decided to have a go, and you can take a look at my own version below. I called it the Marshmallow Nut Dream, combining a few fave ingredients together to make a twist on a rocky road style chocolate bar.

I blended up Pistachio, Marshmallow and Cookie pieces… mmmmm!

When I had a go at making my own, I didn’t go too crazy with the selections, as I wanted to make it one I would genuinely enjoy nibbling on. Which meant keeping away from anything like mustard or spicy chilli! It was really fun having a go.

The competition ends of July 31st, so you have a good week and a half to get ‘mixing’ your own choc creations here.

So what do you think of my delicious, rocky road inspired Marshmallow Nut Dream chocolate bar? If you saw it available in the shop, would you want to buy it and enjoy it with a nice cup of tea? Of course you would!

Head over to the website here to have a go at making your own, and a huge good luck to all who enter!

T’s & C’s apply.

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