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With so much going on right now in the world of What Emma Did, I thought it would be easier to put together a little round-up post. I’ve mainly shared a selection of all the things I’ve been doing and discovering over the past week, which includes a bit of the usual Manchester happenings, and also a little bit of venturing away from my city too.

So without further waffle, here we go…

Henna Art: Last week, I met up with the super talented Hina Ansari, a Manchester based henna artist. I met up with her at the uber cool Ziferblat in Manchester (more on that place later on in this post), in which I came armed with a photo of a subtle henna design I had seen from Hina’s instagram, which I was interested to have on my hand. Hina carries out so many lovely and intricate designs, including white henna, which I had actually never discovered before! I browsed Hina’s portfolio before making my choice, which was decided due to the fact I have such skinny little fingers (not a huge fan of my hands in all honesty!), therefore I kept away from anything too fancy.

To say I’m always experimenting with beauty, this was actually my very first henna experience. As I loved the designs and Hina’s professionalism, I can safely say I’ll be coming back for more. Hina has just launched a brand new website – Henna Manchester –  advertising her services, which can be found here. Thank you so much Hina!

henna art

henna art
henna art
henna art
ProSkin Facial
Whilst I was in London the other week, I popped into skincare clinic ProSkin for a microdermabrasion treatment. I have had this particular exfoliating treatment done before, and find they work wonders for giving a refreshed, revilatised and brightening complexion. My skin is always dull in appearance due to lack of sleep and rushing around, so I for one can vouch how well this works on skin to really give it an overhaul.

I was very impressed with the location of the Bond Street Pro Skin Clinic, which although is situated very close to Bond Street, actually sits on Welbeck Street. It’s such a nice area of private clinics and skincare specialists, so I felt I was heading to the right place for my skin to be treated. The road is filled with high rise, beautiful looking prestigious buildings. A little like Harley Street in all honesty!

I was greeted by my therapist, who professionally ran through the treatment with me before hand, as well as advising other treatments that would be beneficial in the future. For example, I noticed a while back I have little red vein marks on the top of my cheeks, but never really knew what they were. She took one look at my skin and recognised them as thread veins, which just need a little thread vein removal treatment to zap them away. Noted for the near future!

The treatment itself lasted around 15 minutes, and was finished off with a calming, cooling facial. I was left with smooth, soft and fresher skin, which in the days that followed, looked much more healthier and glowing. The staff are super professional here and really are passionate about skincare. Next time I’m in London, I’d love to re-visit for a top up treatment!

harley street london
harley street london
pro skin clinic
pro skin clinic london
pro skin clinic london
pro skin clinic

Made more 30th plans
Ahhhh the big 3-0 is creeping upon me much quicker than I would have liked. However, in true Emma style, I’ll look to the positives of hitting this landmark age and bury my head in party plans instead! As me and my twin sister are sort of trying to stick to a budget, I started to get my money saving head on last week and order some decorations for the room using a money-saving site, They currently have an offer on with up to 50% off party and celebration supplies, which was excellent timing for me. As well as this, the site has various categories which lets you find money off and discount coupons on a range of items, such as cameras, crafts, beauty products and pet supplies. Basically – most areas in life you need to shop!

A trip to Chester
Last weekend was the romantic weekend of Valentines Day, so I escaped my usual city of Manchester and headed to Chester. I love Chester – I can’t explain how pretty and picturesque this place is. The main shopping streets are lined with traditional black and white buildings reminiscent of the tudor times, giving the place a real historic feel. It’s also filled with independent bars and pubs, which have a real homely vibe.

A few highlights for me and some recommendations I can give include the following:

*Drinking a bottle or organic Apricot Beer from The Old Boot Inn, right in the city center (close to Debenhams). I’m no beer drinker usually, but this was incredible.

*Head to the station end for an evening meal, to escape the crowds and overlook the river. We ate at a pub called Old Hawkers Arms, which was beneath a nice looking Thai place called Siam Thai and Teppan-yaki. These local ran restaurants are more than ideal for a meal and a drink!

*Take a half an hour boat trip down the river on one of the organised boat trips. A lovely way to spend a Sunday, without taking up too much time.

*Visit the roman gardens, and walk across the high up walls for views of the city.

emma campbell
emma campbell
wine bar chester
apricot beer
chester river
shopping in chester
Celebrated Ziferblats first birthday
And last but not least, I headed to the 6p per minute cafe in Manchester, Ziferblat. This place makes it’s money by charging 6 pence a minute for your time in the cafe, yet all cakes, biscuits, nuts, toast, tea, coffee and snacky bits are all included. I headed down with my friends over at Yelp Manchester, and celebrated the first anniversary of this Northern Quarter haunt.

yelp events
So there we have it- a whirlwind week to say the least! Hope you enjoyed this little round-up…


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