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Lifestyle: A Week in Food

itsu sushi
Another week of living means another week of blogging… which ultimately means another week of eating! Today’s ‘a week in food’ highlights some of the foodie finds I’m currently raving about that I have discovered during the past week. At this point I usually quit the waffle for once, and share with you my photos of what I’ve been eating, who from, and most importantly – where!

Itsu, Spinningfields
Oh my word, I can’t highlight enough how much I love this place. London’s most famous and well loved sushi place has finally launched up North, nestled in Manchester’s Spinningfields. I find myself going every lunch time for the Crab and Avocado Rolls, which are incredibly tasty. They rice rolls are coated with sesame seeds, making them extra tasty. A pack of 6 has under 300 calories, although costs around £3.70, which is a little bit of a pricey lunch for everyday. Best make this more of a treat visit…

itsu sushi
Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter
I’ve recently become obsessed with Whole Earth’s Crunchy Peanut Butter, purely because it tastes so yummy. It also contains no added sugar or ‘baddies’, unlike the usual sugar ridden brands. A negative is that it’s more of an expensive brand, but I feel so much better knowing I’m eating better by switching to this from my usual brand. You can usually find this brand in regular Supermarkets, and I’m overly enjoying this in my porridge, or spread onto crackers with a slice of banana…

peanut butter whole earth
Pulsin’ Protein Snack Bars
As most of you know who read my regular food updates, I’m terrible with worrying about the amount of sugar I consume, yet have the biggest sweet tooth possible. I do always find that protein bars provide a sweet tasting snack, yet have lower amounts of sugar than the regular cereal bars or chocolate/biscuit type bars I used to snack on. I’m currently trying out a brand called Pulsin’, who have a collection of protein bars and raw chocolate brownies which aim to provide an ideal balance of nutrition and taste, whilst containing natural ingredients.

I can’t quite get enough of snacking on the Mint Choc Chip version, which is so tasty, yet free from refined sugars, meaning no energy crashes for me and a reduced amount of guilt with what I’m indulging on The range of protein bars are also vegan, and dairy free and gluten free too, which works well for me as I try to avoid consuming too much dairy as it gives me terrible acne. This Mint version is enriched with raw rice protein, containing a generous amount of chocolate chips as well as a healthy handful of cashews and real peppermint oil. Yummy! You can find out more about these over on the website.

pulsin protein bars
pulsin protein bars
pulsin protein bars
exante Diet
Last but not least, I’ve spent the past week trying out the foods from exante diet – a healthy meal brand from The Hut Group. The brand specialise in quick ready-meals, without all the ‘crap’ that is usually associated with them. I got to try out a range of ready meals such as Tuna Pasta, Curried Sweet Potato Soup, Vegetable Curry and a Tuscan Chicken Soup, all that don’t even need refrigerating before cooking and consuming.

I’m not currently on a diet to try to lose weight, but I am aware of eating ‘quick and easy’ meals with my busy schedule, so I am aware of making my everyday diet much healthier and nutritious, watching my calorie intake doesn’t go too crazy either. Opting for foods from exante Diet can make up a beneficial eating plan, with their range of flexible, easy-to-follow, weight-loss and weight-management plans to suit you. The website has so many diet plans and suggestions to take on to really try and work to your goals. The best is, it doesn’t mean cutting out some of those favourite meals. The Tuna Pasta meal I chose contained around 300 calories, and was super simple to just heat up in the microwave and consume, making me feel better knowing it wasn’t packed with excessive sugars and fats. The soups are incredible too – the curried Sweet Potato version is amazing!

Some of the diet plans they put together include 4 healthy meals a day – but substantial ones too, so not just picky little salads – and all together total up to a maximum of 1200-1400 calories, which helps with weight loss. Take a look at the exante diet website for more information and plan ideas…

exante diet
exante diet
exante diet
exante diet
exante diet

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