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Lifestyle: A Girly Valentines Day

Valentines day is just one sweet week away, so I’ve been hitting the internet for some Valentines Day inspired ‘date night’ outfits. There will no doubt be tonnes of you out there who worry about what to wear for this romantic weekend, but I find it fairly simple because it’s just a really good excuse to get all dressed up. I feel it’s the perfect time to go as girly and pretty as possible – whether you are off for a night out with your single gal pals, a candlelit meal with your other half, or heading away for the weekend. And it might sound cliche… but it’s also an ideal chance to wear a bit of red and pink!

As most of my readers know, I’m a sucker for a dark colour palette. My wardrobe is bulging with black dresses, with the occasional white, grey and navy delight poking through for when I decide to change it up a little. But even I have decided to experiment with some feminine shades of red this year. Take a look at my two Valentines Day dress options from online retailer Want That Trend.

want that trend
want that trend
what emma did
want that trend
want that trend
The first one is the beautifully embellished Lux Lia Red Bodycon Dress, £39.95. It is absolutely stunning, and I feel a million dollars wearing this. The intricate detailing on the little short sleeves are so beautiful, and the beading genuinely feels quite heavy to wear (in a positive way – like it’s been made with real care and quality in mind) plus this dress looks so much more premium than I thought it would for the price. Fantastic value!

The second dress is a sweet little wrap detail skater dress in a deep wine colour, also from Want That Trend. This one is much more simple than the other, yet still makes a bold statement, and it’s one I know I’ll wear for many occasions other than the good old V-Day. I’m also pretty impressed with how much the wine colour suits me – I need more of this shade in my life!

what emma did

Anyway, fashion aside, there’s lots more to Valentines Day than just fancy frocks and looking cute. If you are a singe pringle this year and feeling a little down in the dumps about Valentines Day approaching, then read on. I’ve rounded up a few pointers to close up this post to hopefully let you leave this site feeling a little more upbeat. Take note of these three girl power ideas, and have a fun filled time next weekend, instead of looking at that letter box with sad puppy eyes (who needs a card anyway?)…

1. Enjoy being single
Come on single ladies – the world is at your feet. You have more options out there now than ever before. Dating is literally at your finger tips, with online sites and dating apps taking the single world by storm. Some of my girlfriends have the best social lives I know, because they are always heading to some fancy restaurant or trendy bar on some type of hot date. What’s the worst that can happen? I used to go on some super fun dates, which would make lovely stories to share with my friends. Then on the other hand, I’d go on some horrendous ones, but they make hilarious stories, so it’s a win-win game! I’ve heard a lot of people raving about Urban Social as the best online dating site, so maybe give that a go as a starter. Make it something new to try for 2016…

2. Plan an escape
If all your positivity has officially gone out of the window, then you could use Valentines Day as an excuse to go on a mini break in the UK. Why not round-up your fellow singletons and book a lovely little hotel in a city where there is plenty to do to keep busy? Or, depending on your preference, somewhere where there is nothing to do, except relax, eat nice food, indulge in some Prosecco and have the ultimate chill. Wow, I really want to do this myself now! There is nothing out there saying that romantic breaks are just for couples, so plan your own romantic getaway with the girls. One of my favourite hotel sites to check out is The Hotels Partnership website – they have a dedicated romantic breaks page where you’ll be sure to find some luxury inspiration over there.

3. Feel the love
So Valentines Day has the stigma around it that it has to be based on sharing the love between a girl and ‘their guy’. Heck, this is old fashioned. Why not switch it up a bit? If Valentines Day is a day designed for saying ‘I Love You’ and treating your other half, then there’s nothing stopping the singletons expressing how much they love other people.  Visit your parents and tell them how much they mean to you, make a homemade card to your bestie with a cute personalised poem, or make yourself something creative like a photo gallery pin board of you with all your favourite people. Who needs a man, huh?

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What Emma Did