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So far, 2016 has been an overly successful year for What Emma Did, even though we’re only two months into it (inserts happy face emoji). However, as much as I know the ins and outs of my own workload and what goes on daily, I find a lot of people seem a little confused when I talk about the world of full time blogging. Partly, because I do spend the odd day a week working for another company, assisting with editorial, outreach and SEO. When I tell my friends I have meetings about blogging or freelancing, they often seem a little baffled at what meetings bloggers could possibly attend. So today’s post is to highlight some of the key jobs and roles a full time blogger takes on, as well as other bits of ‘extras’ I do on the side, and the essential kit items I have to have on me at all times!

It’s also a little post to provide a bit of food for thought if you are thinking about becoming a blogger, and some of the objectives you may have to consider. I guess you could say it’s a mixed bag of blogger related ‘bits’, but either way, here we go…

1. Multi-skills
First thing is first: bloggers aren’t just ‘bloggers’. We are writers, photographers, web developers, SEO specialists, social media managers, networkers, reviewers and researchers. In my case, I’m also a fashion buyer and retailer, because I run the What Emma Did boutique alongside the blog. This involves the upkeep of various shop platforms, such as ASOS Marketplace and eBay. Therefore, multi-tasking and being multi-skilled is something we take on everyday. It can be upsetting when I receive a thoughtless comment on an Instagram photo where I may be out at an event, saying “wish I had your job – your’re always partying”. My life and job is a far cry from partying, but I’ll forgive the small mindedness and lack of knowledge from some people before having a rant back (zips up mouth in frustration…)

2. The Bloggers Kit
Being a blogger isn’t very well paid, especially during the first few years. However, the typical ‘blogger kit’ can set us back a small arm and a leg. In order to have a high quality website, content and visuals, we need high quality equipment. One of the main things is a good camera, and decent photography skills to go with it (ideally…!). I struggle with this a little bit as I’m always in such a rush, and don’t happen to have any one around at all times to help take outfit shots. I do an alright job on my own though, but I know I could improve. A point and shoot camera which has advanced zoom technologies and sharp results is a must; such as the Lumix Compact Camera. Panasonic do have some great ones, as I’ve heard lots of positive feedback around this brand. I’ve also got my eye on an couple of DSLR and bridge cameras on Amazon, to add to my ever growing collection of blogger cameras. Some bloggers go the full way with photography, purchasing different lenses, soft boxes and tripods. It may sound ‘faffy’, but if you want to get the best quality shots for the blog, all these things need to be taken into consideration…

With running the dress boutique, I spend a lot of time in and out of the studio, shooting the new stock. And of course, I spend lots of time taking dress selfies! It doesn’t mean I’m vain – I guess readers just love seeing a lot of real-life iPhone type photos – therefore I try to spend a lot of time doing this.

white interior
fashion pinboard
3. Technology and apps
Ah, if one more person tells me to stop checking my iPhone. I completely understand that a bloggers addiction to technology is somewhat annoying, however, it is part of the job sadly. Regular Instagram posting, Twitter updates, Facebook posts, email checking, and generally showing other bloggers some love on social media is all part of the life. That said, doing all these things, along with life’s other plans, can become a little too much, which means I walk around everywhere tightly gripping my diary. I have to write everything down, from meetings, deadlines, blog post ideas, events… you name it. But what if – god forbid – I lose my diary? Luckily, there’s a solution I have recently uncovered, which surprise surprise, comes in the form of an app. There is literally no way us bloggers can escape from technology, so don’t even try and make us!

The app itself is called ‘Must Remember That’, and aims to do just that. If you are anything like me, you’ll often forget birthdays, appointments and those key events that really shouldn’t slip your mind. But I’m also getting terrible with juggling these events with blog stuff. The app is completely free, and lets you set reminders for anything you like, and organise your life on a daily basis with the ease of being on your phone. It gives me a little bit of comfort having this downloaded, with always worrying that I’ll misplace my diary one day, and be totally screwed!

blogger kit
bloggers office
4. Sidelines…
Aside from running around 40 hours a week, I also do a lot of PR, content and blogging for other companies, which means my days and nights are hectic. For me, running the blog and boutique is fairly time consuming, but I do try to use my skills elsewhere too just to ensure I have a regular income. Which yep, this means being a true workaholic! I do try and throw a lot of enjoyable tasks in the middle of these jobs, as a life of ‘all-work-no-play’ isn’t healthy for anyone. Socialising, shopping and eating/drinks gives me a well deserved break from juggling the crazy blogger life! I often meet my friends in Manchester for coffee or for lunch, head to little bars in the Northern Quarter if I fancy a night away from my laptop, or go to the gym. I try to go to the gym before my working day kicks in, which is around 7 am. It is absolute hell waking up at 6.30am and jumping straight out of bed, but hey, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Hopefully after reading some of the pointers above, you’ll have a much clearer idea about the lives and loves of a busy blogger. I guess in the grand scheme of things, we do a lot more than just take photos of our food and post them on Twitter!

If you are thinking about launching a blog, or taking blogging seriously as a career, do feel free to ask me any questions that pop into your head. The above points are just little ‘things’ associated with the job, but I really could talk about the topic for an entire evening! Either way, I hope this helps and I would love to hear your thoughts…

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