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I don’t know about you, but I find that I can easily run my life and manage my time purely from using apps these days. I’m also finding I’m doing quite a good job at progressing my business and work life with the use of apps too as well as general entertainment, like casino apps. Select this link to discover these.

As a bridal makeup artist, I have apps which connect me to brides-to-be, I use photo editing apps to run Instagram accounts, and I even order my Starbucks coffee via the app so it’s ready and waiting for me when I arrive (I knooooow right!).

But there’s an area I’ve become a little more interested in lately: educational apps. These are rapidly overtaking text books and literature to become the go-to way to grasp new ideas, revise subjects and learn more about the fascinating world we live in.

Hundreds of educational apps are recommended to me weekly, by adults, students and children alike. So I decided to round up 5 key ones I’m blown away with for both Apple and Android, which have great educational benefits.

Here we go!


Devices: Apple and Android

Educational benefits: The app helps kids and teens feel confident and able to tackle anything that comduales their way. The experience starts and ends with how you feel as personalised short activities are introduced that are easy to build into your day. As you learn emotional intelligence and practice mindfulness, you can build resilience and develop their superpowers of quiet, focus and a peaceful sleep.

It’s a great for anyone who struggles to find the balance in their life, and need that daily reminder to take some time out and reflect. Mental health is a huge issue currently, therefore this app is getting more popular by the month, as a lot of us struggle to manage our thoughts, feelings and time.

An intuitive and equally necessary app for students, parents and everyone in between to manage stress. Check it out here.

Arithmetic Tricks

Devices: Android

When I first heard about Arithmetic Tricks, I thought about my 13 year old self in High School, who managed to wangle myself into top set maths class, yet always came bottom for Mental Arithmetic maths. There’s something about doing sums and calculations in my head I just cannot grasp, and I remember being given an old cassette to take home to help me. It didn’t.

This new app has been created to help people of any age – school kids or older – improve their metal arithmetic and Maths abilities. It teaches you mental Arithmetic “Tricks and Tips” by example, eventually allowing you to perform some impressive mental arithmetic examples that will astound your friends and colleagues!

It works to try and train your brain, teaching you all the arithmetic tricks, tips and techniques to handle this exercise. Then, as your confidence grows, it’s up to you if you want to continue learning being shown all the tips and tricks.

Those of you that wish to perform seemingly complex mental arithmetic will find this app particularly useful. The app displays worked trick/tip/technique solutions to every arithmetic question (where available) with the option of showing or hiding the tricks/tips/techniques. It covers everything from letting you practice the multiplication “Times Tables” or general multiplication, addition, subtraction and division, and so on.

Note that this is designed for both adults and children, and with continued use, your arithmetic skills will noticeably improve as you practice mental arithmetic with this app. It’s already racked up a great 4.3 rating!

This is available for free from the Google Play Store – Download here


Devices: Apple, Android

From the creators of, the Curiosity app is the best way to get smarter about your world. Users can enjoy short-form, easy-to-read articles that will inspire you and grow your knowledge and insights. Watch smart videos from the best hand-picked, educational content creators.

You can also search 5,000+ articles and over 1 million curated videos on every topic imaginable. You can ‘like’ to save your favourites, then follow your favourite categories too.

Overall, it’s an app that’ll make you into the wisest, most informed you possible! Download it here. 

Kami 2

Devices: Apple, Android

KAMI 2 tests logic, pattern recognition and problem solving, all within a relaxing paper crafted environment. The aim is to fold out paper, origami style, to turn the screen one colour in as few moves as possible.

Players can also design and share their own, developing their artistic creativity. Many people create levels which are not only great puzzles but beautiful images at the same time, they’ve been using both sides of their brain in the process. A lovely app for those with more of a creative mind.

Overall it’s an app complete with stunning graphics, and marries a simple, traditional concept for a great gaming experience!

Check it out here. 

Learn to Code

Devices: Apple, Android

SoloLearn stand outs with its bite-sized, easy-to-understand content paired with real- time peer support. The combination of the two makes the traditionally complex coding concepts as easy and digestible.

New engaging content is created and curated daily by the community itself, which is personalised based on user progress and interests. In addition to formal lessons, you get access to implementations, relevant discussions, in-app coding, challenges, or all together.

A swift interface and engaging community makes this our number one coding app. And with coding becoming ‘the future’ (tipped by many) it’s potentially one of the most useful for the younger generation!

Download it here. 

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