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Today’s post is a little bit different than the usual one’s on – it is still focused around the fashion, beauty and lifestyle themes, but is a little more personal and focuses on my own views about the year ahead, and what I am personally aiming for. I don’t often spend too much time dwelling on my personal goals and aims over on the blog, I mean, sure you may be interested to a small extent, but the last thing I want to do is bore my readers by being soley focused on ‘me, me, me’, but I feel like this post may be beneficial to a lot of you out there who need to set some goals and perhaps gain some lifestyle inspiration across various areas.

As February comes to an end and we are almost 2 months into 2015, I wanted to draw up a post about the things I am striving for this year. I feel like if I publish this in a blog post, it will help me focus more and clarify want I want in my mind…

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1. Eat My Greens, Drink More Water
Fairly simple, but this is something I should do more of, as it is so important for skin, hair and overall health. I do eat vegetables, but in small amounts and occasionally. Same with water. I drink it, but as it doesn’t jump out at me or excite me, I let it slip. This year, I’ll be making a conscious effort to make green juices, so that way, I can incorporate all the veggies that promote glowing skin that I never ever want to eat – like kale and carrot! Small steps and everything, but from February, I’ll be drinking a kale, spinach, avocado, carrot, coconut oil and soya milk juice everyday with my main meal. I’ll also drink two pints of water during the day at work. I drink a lot of green tea, so I do already have a sufficient water intake, so I think 2 pints is quite aim-able for me! 

2. Get More Sleep
I am a terrible sleeper, and this one is going to be the hardest to crack. It’s not that I don’t like sleep, infact I love it, but I am so busy that I usually stay up late every night just to get things done, and wake up extra early to also get things done. This means that my sleep suffers, and I regularly clock up around 5 hours a night. Yes… 5 mini hours. I know your all reading this like “your meant to have 8!?”. Well yep, I know I am. And if I wasn’t busy juggling a full time career with a blog and a potential business, and a social life, and the gym… then maybe I would be reaping up those hours of beauty sleep that keeps you all looking so fresh and healthier looking than I. I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to tackle this one yet. From 10pm is usually the free time I have to start catching up on my very backlogged blog. Maybe this one will be a work in progress

3. Continue To Work Out
Yes! This one is a great one. I don’t need to lose weight luckily, so I don’t vicariously go to the gym to burn calories, but I like to do half an hour 3 times a week so that I get my blood pumping and keep myself fit. During January, I really let my regime slip, but I’m stepping it up a little now and making sure I get my half an hour sessions in. I also have a pair of 2kg weights at home, and I like to spend 5 minutes in the morning doing a couple of arm exercises. Little and often makes all the difference!

4. Launch My Business
This is an area I haven’t really gone into on the blog much, but I am in the process of launching a dress boutique, which will be taking place here on So my lovely little blog will be changing from a blog, to a ‘blogtique’! From March, I will have a ‘Boutique’ page on the blog, retailing a handpicked capsule collection fo pretty dresses for you all. Watch this space!

5. Allow Myself More Beauty Treatments and ‘Beauty Time’
I really do believe that the more time you spend treating yourself to facials, exfoliation’s, deep conditioning treatments, hair cuts, massages, etc, the more you reap the benefits. I don’t mean spending lots of money every week booking in for a £50 facial or going to the salon and having one of their expensive hair and scalp treatments – these I can do with the right products and a little bit of me time at home. So at least once a week, I’m going to make sure I give myself a moisturising facemask (I’m currently loving Liz Earle’s Nourishing Face Mask), sleep with coconut oil in my hair to condition the dry, bleached ends, start using a body brush, and book myself in for full body massages during times I get really stressed with work etc. Looking after your skin, hair and body can really make you feel amazing.

6. Look After My Hair
This one is slightly different to the above in terms of amending my diet and vitamins to reflect my hair health. My hair recently thinned out a lot, and this along with lots of bleaching over the past few months has left it dull, dry, straggly and lack lustre. Since the start of the year, I’ve started taking a hair supplement everyday,and also from February I’v been adding avocado’s,coconut oil, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to my diet to ensure my hair gets the best nutrients. I am also going to ween on the bleach a little more too.


7. Create A Beautiful Abode and Organise Nights In
I’m almost a homeowner! I am currently in the process of buying my own house, and if everything goes through, it will be the Em Castle. I’m buying on my own, so it will be a two bedroom palace all decorated to my taste and style. The second bedroom will be the office, where I will run the blog and the boutique,and also use it as a dressing room so that I can keep my bedroom purely as a room for sleeping. Once I have set my house up as my cute little abode, I’ll focus on planning nights in with my friends to save money.

8. Don’t Let Other People Make Me Feel Worse
This is just a personal one that I really need to work on throughout 2015. You know when other people’s actions just make you feel really low and sad, or sometimes, even making you feel really bad about yourself? Everyone will have different experiences with this, but sure we are all on the same page with this one. I try not to let other people bother me, but sometimes, when you actually need other people, it can be hard to do this. I need to try and realise that some people out there are just plain mental…

9. Continue To Grow
The most exciting one I would say! turned 5 years old in January, and this little hub of love isn’t going anywhere! Don’t get my wrong, there has been the odd moment over the past 5 years where blogging has gotten impossible, and I have been tempted to throw in the towel. I can count those times on one hand, and I can assume you, it won’t be happening. Sorry world wide web- your stuck with me!

10. Read More
Last but not least! Ah, the art of reading. The art of having that precious 30 minutes before bed to read. I do read – I mean, I read this website, I read social media posts, I read fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle, food, travel and music websites. Oh but books … you know … those crisp pages bound together filled with educated storylines from a talented writer. Yes, like actual page turning books. Must find the time. MUST FIND THE TIME!

I could go on forever, but lets draw the line there. I am pretty confident they will all get fulfilled and successfully completed, as I haven’t really made them too difficult. Although if this time next year, I still haven’t managed to secure a nights sleep worthy of 7 hours or above, I’ll be one serious cranky girl (complete with these heavy eye bags)…

So what are your personal aims for the year ahead?

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