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foundation coffee house
A much more visual post today on the blog, focusing once again on what seems to be my favourite topic at the moment! Well actually, there are three: Food, drink and Manchester.

To avoid the usual waffle, lets just get straight into it:

Foundation Coffee House
Without a doubt the best Matcha Lattes in Manchester. My barista recommended the match latte topped with almond milk, and it sure is delicious. And healthy! I opted for porridge last time I came to Foundation, but I really want to try the protein pancake stack. They serve up a stack of 5 pancakes made with eggs, bananas and protein powder, so again, a healthy choice. I’m aiming to go out for breakfast and get this soon, and no doubt I will share my photos over on my Instagram! If you don’t already follow me, now is a good time to as lately it is full of foodie pics!

matcha latte and porridge
match latte almond milk
Federal Cafe
I finally made my visit here for the first time last week for a meeting, in which I opted for a yummy soya latte. I wasn’t eating, but I spied the fantastic menu, and knew I’d be back for brunch. Therefore this week I headed there to try out the smashed avocado on sourdough toast, with poached eggs and smoked salmon. It was incredible! The reason I love this place so much is because it’s an Australian inspired eatery, taking inspiration from their healthy eating and brunch obsessions. You can get french toast with fruit at any time of the day, along with the nicest homemade banana bread too. I love the whole Australian eating and drinking culture from the year I spent over there, and I miss it terribly. Thanks to Federal – I feel like I have a small sample of it now back in Manchester. More cafes should take note!

smashed avo sourdough
federal cafe
federal cafe manchester
The Kitchens, Spinningfields
I’ve took a little trek down to The Kitchens in Manchester’s Spinningfields many times, but last week I spent an evening there with the gang from Yelp Manchester (you can see my food and drink reviews I put together for Yelp here). The last time I came here, there was a healthy burger/falafel place and a Wholesome and Raw smoothie bar, but now it’s all completely changed up. The Hip Hop Chip Shop still remains (an uber cool chip shop serving more than your average fish & chip place) however there are now so many Eastern European and Far East inspired eateries, and also a fair few meat places too. All in all, the eateries are street food based – so think authentic foods served up fresh from the kitchen inspired by different cuisines.

On the right hand side of The Kitchens you have Dim Sum Su – an artisan street food place serving delicious Cantonese inspired dishes. I had the loveliest pork belly buns and loved them! You then have Nasi Lemak, a Malyasian street food place in which I tried out the most tasty fried chicken in a spicy tomato based sauce. The chicken was so yummy, but the sauce really made it. It really did have a strong kick, but not too bad, so those who are afraid of spicy curry sauces can still indulge in this.

dim dum su
the kitchens spinningfields
It was nice to enjoy a pint of beer – because I literally never drink beer – from a local company called Shindigger. A real fruity, cloudy type beer. This was thoroughly enjoyed by myself, which is a one off for me and beer! Nice work guys…

shindigger beer
Then they have Chaat Cart, which is based on Indian inspired Street Food. I didn’t get chance to try their food, but heard many positive comments from there curried chicken sliders, and a dish which looked like lots of rice and veggies all served up in a little paper boat server.

chaat cart
chaat cart
the hip hop chip shop
the hip hop chip shop
bangers and bacon
juice and granola
fried chicken
pork belly bun
bangers and bacon
well hung beef
I have no idea how you spell this, but I tried out the ‘Cubabca’ sandwich from Bangers and Bacon which involved pork, mustard, cheese, shallots and a few other bits and pieces thrown in to create a delicious toasted sandwich. If you like your meat, then this is a more than ideal place to check out for lunch. They do different flavours of sausages on a daily basis, along with mash too. And for the steak lovers, it’s worth taking a look at it’s neighbour- Well Hung. Yes, I giggled at the name too…

Until my next foodie update- eat well people!

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