Fashion: Why Every Man Needs at Least One Nice Suit in His Wardrobe

Today’s post is brought us to by a guest fashion writer, discussing menswear and that need for one quality suit…

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Through my own general observation – everywhere seems to be getting more casual these days. Fewer jobs are demanding business dress in the office, and people are tending to dress down for previously dressy occasions, like dinner dates, the theatre and even interviews, christenings and funerals. Because of this, there are plenty of guys out there who have never actually needed to purchase a smart suit. Some men wear suits out of choice, to look more professional or affluent when they are working or socialising, or just because they like a tailored look, but for those who prefer to dress down, even just one good suit can be absent from the wardrobe.

If you are one of those men who has to borrow a suit off of someone when they get invited to something formal, then you are really missing out. Here are just some of the reasons why everybody should own one sharp, well fitting suit:

david gandy in a suit

Just because you don’t have to dress smart, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t:
While you may be able to get away with a polo shirt and chinos at work, or a shirt without a tie, wearing the bare minimum to meet the dress code isn’t the best strategy if you want to look serious and sharp. There is the old adage that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and the more senior someone is, the smarter they tend to dress. Even if you are never in front of clients or anybody who is going to judge you for what you are wearing, pulling out a suit when there is a big meeting can make an impact. Equally, you may not have to wear a suit to other events like parties or dinner dates, but the more you look like you’ve made an effort, the more people will appreciate it.

Suits flatter everybody:
Another reason to add a suit to your wardrobe is that it is guaranteed to make you look better than anything else you own. Most women have a go to dress for parties or dates where they want to look and feel their best – a dress that fits perfectly, flatters their figure, and gives them confidence. For a man, a suit that is in a timeless design and fits well can be the same thing. It is no secret that women love men in suits, and suits by good tailors like you can find at can make you appear slimmer, broaden your shoulders for a more authoritative, manly look, and just generally make you look like a cooler, classier version of yourself.

smart suit

There will always be an occasion where you will need it:
While it may not have happened yet, an occasion will arise where a suit will be required, whether it is an important work meeting, an invite to a swanky event, or just something like a wedding. When this happens, if you have a suit you know looks great there is no stress at all – no more borrowing something off your dad that doesn’t really fit or dashing around at the last minute trying to find something that will work on the high street.

Just one nice suit can give you all of these benefits and change the way you think about dressing up, so why not start looking for yours today?

Images: Esquire and LifeHack

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