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Fashion: Thigh High Boot Trend Inspiration

It’s Friday! Hooray! The weekend has finally arrived. As I have a rather busy weekend lined up, I wanted to leave you with a little trend inspiration that is currently massive news in the fashion industry right now. So the trend is Thigh High Boots. And I am guessing that right now you are either raising your brow in sheer surprise, or you are high fiving the air in delight!?

Me? It’s high fives all the way, however I’ll be spending your Autumn/Winter in Sydney for what will be Summer, so I will actually be missing out on this trend. I somehow don’t think I’ll carry off rocking the thigh-highs and little shorts on the beach…I feel it’s better to team these up with skinnies and wear them around the UK this winter!

If your not convinced, see below for some really cool and catwalk inspired ways to rock this look! Images courtesy of fashionising.com

thigh boots


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