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Fashion: Stylish Adidas Streetwear

As you all know, I’m not one to embrace a sporty look. I do try to go to the gym every now and again, but in terms of adopting a sports-inspired, tomboy look… well it’s normally dresses and heels on a daily basis! However, I needed a pair of trainers which wouldn’t look out of place at the gym, but would also look cute with skinny jeans for the daytime too. Looks like I found them at BANK – how adorable are the black, white and lilac Adidas NEO trainers?

They are currently on sale down to £30 from £52, although are only available in white online. Mine are from the BANK store, and they look really cool with a baggy t-shirt and fitted black or faded denim jeans. Looks like I may be turning to a slightly more casual, laid-back way of dressing in 2015!

You can check them out on my Instagram too!

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