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Just a little photographic blog post today celebrating the success of slogans and logos embracing T-shirts, jumpers and jewellery all over the world. It started back in 2006 with Henry Holland making his mark with humorous tee’s shown below, referencing to other designers, yet now the use of bold wording and phrases has become a fashion statement success globally. I wouldn’t be caught wearing any of the below styles, but it was nice to see Henry Holland having a little fun with fashion…

henry holland
Now, slogan fashion has become a little more extreme, with a display of words such as swear words and rude words, which can make quite a shocking statement. Celebrities sport Tee’s with phrases to tell the press their state of mind, whilst others just poke fun at the trend and wear something completely random. 2013 also brought us mock designer slogan tee’s, featuring popular designer logos or tag lines with a slight twist to represent something else.

The media love to say that the rise in slogan wearing trend is people becoming more care free and thrive from making a daring statement, wearing slogans with the shock factor. My opinion is that people just love to make fun of fashion sometimes, and to just relax a little with trends, which these slogan tee’s allow. I know I’m a fan of them, although only own two myself, in which they read very understated words. I’m not quite brave enough yet to walk around sporting a ‘F**K YOU’ top just yet (and would I really want to? Not really…)

And lets not forget statement slogan jewellery…. another big trend for expressing yourself!

To slogan, or not to slogan… I think this trend will be around for a while, and will be another strong contender throughout SS14!
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