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There is nothing more striking than a bold slogan tee, right? I feel like with the rise of all these humorous sayings and ‘hashtag phrases’ or so I like to call them, like ‘Resting Bitch Face’, ‘Just Sayin’ and ‘I Woke Up Like This’, it’s getting cooler to start wearing our favourite phrases on our clothes. I’m a huge fan of the slogan, but I seem to enjoy having them on my home wear more than my clothes, such as quote mugs, coasters and wall art.

What I do love in terms of wording prints is smart and sassy fashionable related slogans on my clothing. As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for almost 15 years, it makes sense to wear my favourite designer quotes or designers names on my chest of course! So this t-shirt I’m currently wearing from ILWF is perfect for me: I’m expressing my love for Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs all at once…

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what emma did

what emma did
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As you can see from my little snaps, I’ve dressed this Designers Tee down with some loose fitting black trousers and a pair of Adidas trainers. I feel a good slogan tee looks more urban and street when paired with relaxed clothing.  I don’t usually go for such a casual look, but I’m rather liking this!

This is definitely my type of slogan tee, and it’s a steal at £14.99 too. I actually had a good old browse too at some other cool ones at ILWF, such as more quirky ones like ‘Netflix and Chill?’, ‘Coco Made Me Do It’, ‘Celfie’ and ‘I’d Rather Be A Unicorn’. They make quite nice Christmas presents too if you have a hard-to-buy-for person, especially if you go down the humorous route! I know the ‘Celfie’ style will certainly go down with so many girlfriends at the moment…

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did