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Fashion: Online Shopping and Dress Boutiques

what emma did
what emma did
Most of you may know that I run my own little dress boutique, named no other than What Emma Did Boutique. Hey if you have a longstanding brand name, there’s no harm in giving it double usage! After a flourishing Spring season, the boutique has actually gone a little quieter over the Summer, due to work commitments being extremely busy. However, it’s not a permanent move – as soon as work has quietened down a little and I’m up to speed with everything, I’ll be buying in some exciting party season stock, ready for what will be my boutiques busiest season yet!

Midi, maxi, bodycon, off-the-shoulder, strapless, classic, glittering… just you wait until you see some new items!

dress 3
dress 4
With a long career history working within fashion retail, I’m always looking into customer shopping habits and discovering what works and what doesn’t. It goes without saying that for me, online retail works amazingly well. I don’t have to have a physical bricks and mortar shop, which keeps my overheads down. I can market online directly with potential customers via social media, sending them directly to my online shop. I can speak with bloggers and online influencers, and they can get a taste of my collections with just one click of a button.

I also came across this article on Fresh Plaza which highlights that 49% of people find tamper proof labels annoying when shopping for clothes, food, shoes or general items. Those labels which are a necessity to deter theft and keep items secure actually cause more annoyance to potential customers, where customers would rather not have them at all. When these safety labels are removed, customers complain that they can cause marks and defects to clothing items, as well as damaging other goods. The survey, carried out by Data Label, confirms that almost half of the population would possibly be happier shopping without them.

Which leads me to be proud of my online boutique and the fact I simply ship out my dresses, without the need for any safety tags or security measures!

what emma did
what emma did
dress 7
what emma did
At present, my main way of retailing is through ASOS Marketplace, and I also have a little dedicated section on the blog to my shopping page. However this is a little outdated at present, and I’m currently letting a few of my items go out of stock on ASOS, so that I can burst back onto the scene in September and October with fresh new designs, stylish photography, and lots of new inspirations and excitement for the Winter season.

So make the most of Summer shopping season ladies, because Autumn/Winter isn’t too far away, and in my opinion, it’s the best time for fashion!

what emma did
what emma did
what emma did

what emma did

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did