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handbag essentials
Spring is arriving, and as well as considering a bit of a Spring overhaul with my make-up and clothes, there is something else that desperately needs updating: my handbag and (some of) it’s contents. As much as I love my trusty black tote bag, I made a huge error when I purchased it. Even when the bag is empty, it is ridiculously heavy. I’m one of those girls that is always darting across town from one meeting to the other, handbag in tow, therefore a heavy bag is not at all practical for my lifestyle. I kind of just fell in love with it. I guess. And don’t get me wrong, I still do love it. But now the new season is creeping up and it’s all about Spring cleaning, I could do with updating to a lighter, much easier to handle handbag,

So this week, I’ve been having a little browse around at new handbags and have spotted some beautiful designs over at House of Fraser. I try to keep to a budget usually and not splurge out when it comes to accessories, but I feel I’m way overdue investing in more of a ‘bag for life’. Some of the Michael Kors Tote bags are incredible – especially the black and grey ones (there we go again, me with my typical colour palette!). Although slightly pricey, you can rely on excellent quality, a lightweight feel, and the versatility to style these up with a day or evening look.

black handbag
So the next question is, what do I actually cart around with me everyday, weighing down my already-so-heavy bag? As we are on the topic of handbags and accessories, I thought I’d empty out my ‘average day’ contents to show you what I need with me at all times…

handbag essentials
handbag makeup
makeup and perfume
handbag make up
As I mentioned before, I’m always all over the place. I can be sat in an office one day, in my home office the next, trying to steal 30 mins at the gym, or rushing around the city center between lunch meetings or blog events. This means that I need my makeup bag on me constantly, but I make sure I pack quite light and just keep with me my essentials. These include two lipsticks – the Smashbox LA Lights in a dusky pink for the daytime, and the L’Oreal Blake Lively bright red shade for the evenings. I also have to keep the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Spray on me as my everyday scent, as it is absolutely scrumptious. You’ll notice there is a roll-on deodorant in my bag too, which is the AA Skincare Lemongrass and Lavender version, which contains only the finest of natural ingredients. Some people aren’t huge fans of roll-on#s but this one if fuss free, discreet and smells lovely! As we are on the topic of roll-on’s, I also keep the delicious scent of Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy in a roll on form in my bag too. Great for popping on pulse points when on the go.

Because I always have tangled up hair (fine hair problems!), I keep my Tangle Teezer in my bag everyday too. I swear by this brush hands down – it gets through even the toughest of knots. You’ll also see lots of make-up essentials, all packed into a cute little make-up bag. This is me trying to only carry around those must-have items. I have my bareMinerals Veil Finishing Powder, which is great for absorbing my 1 pm shine, my Vichy Dermablend Foundation, Stila concealer, NYX peach coloured blush, fluffy powder face brush, a Barry M Brown Eyeliner pencil (brown eyeliners are so much better for making blue eyes pop!) and The Face Doctor Lip Balm, which is fab for buffing my lips during the day.

handbag essentials
I’m also super traditional, therefore I carry a paper diary and a huge purse – which looks more like a Filofax – with me at all times too. I literally can’t go anywhere or make any plans without having my trusty Paperchase diary on me.

So there we have it, a little sneak peak at what’s in my handbag. Hopefully, I’ll be reporting back to you in the not so distant Spring time future about the new bag I’ll have hopefully purchased!

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