Fashion: Best Of July

Just a quick post today to highlight a couple of my fashion favorites for the month of July. From hats to playsuits, there are a couple of cute little items I am loving and want to share with you all before the month is over…

Fedora Style Hats
OK so mine is from Australia, so for my global readers I’ll share my love for Aussie retailer Dotti, but for everyone else I’ll highlight a UK favourite too so you can see where there are nice ones being sold over here too! First for Australia- Dotti and Sportsgirl have a large selection of hats ranging from little bowler hats to huge floppy sun-style hats, in such a large array of colours. However, mine is from Dotti for $20 which is an absolute steal… it’s a Fedora style and is a simple black style with band. I have to be careful as some hats can drown me with being quite a small girl!

emma campbell
If we are talking UK style, I noticed Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M have a lot of cute styles in at the moment, again in a range of colours and sizes. I did feel H&M had the rest range that were really affordable… I possibly don’t need anymore hats, but I found myself tempted when shopping in Liverpool’s H&M earlier today! How stylish is this burgundy wool hat for only £14.99? Burgundy is going to be so big for Autumn too…

Once a playsuit queen… always a playsuit queen! Yes my love affair is still growing strong. However, my boring side of fashion comes out with this one, as I showcase my true love for black clothes. I know so many people think it’s boring… but I can’t help it. Most people are like magpies and drawn to all things bright and sparkly. Me? I run to dark, black, simple staple items, maybe throw in a bit of grey or navy to spice it up sometimes. Boring I know! But I call it classic. Just like this playsuit currently available from Zara (in the sale for £17 may I add- hurray!)

emma campbell
Simply because we have had such amazing weather lately, I have to mention my new favourite sunglasses retailer, Sunglass Junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a pair of designer shades. If I had a pair of ‘real’ Dior sunnies, I would cherish them and wear them to death. But I have been travelling Australia and South East Asia, doing a bit of house, hostel and hotel hopping, so anything precious is absolutely no good to me. So this retailer is fantastic for providing stylish sunglasses at really affordable prices and reliable delivery. Whatever shape of glasses your looking for, round, aviator, oversized, you’ll find it, and at an amazing price too! Here’s me having fun with my new aviators from the site, along with a few more styles I love that are currently available online…

emma campbell
The first pair are £10 and the second pair are £15… can;t get much cheaper than that for good quality shades! You will also find really handy deals and promotions running on the site too, so it’s worth checking out and having a look.

So that’s wrapped up July for now… lots more posting coming up for August!

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