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Fashion: The Great Outdoors

You may have noticed in my recent post that I am taking part in a 40 Days of Fitness challenge with DW Fitness, which involves 40 days of work outs, exercises and diet regimes to encourage improved fitness. As I regularly visit the gym, I’m not finding the set tasks too difficult, although finding time to do some of the activities everyday can be a challenge – I don’t always give myself free time daily to work on my fitness.

So the challenge made me sit back and realise that all my fitness activities always take place at the gym. I walk to work – but that is something I have to do – but other than that I keep all my fitness indoors with the safety of the treadmill and rowing machine! So this is going to change. Spring is on it’s way, and it’s about time I took myself out of the warmth of the gym and those 4 safe walls, and started taking myself on some treks and walks…


From the above photo, you can see I have already been planning. Yep, if I need to motivate myself to get excited about the great outdoors, then I need a brand new kit of essentials to help me through it. So far, this is my survival kit, although the shoes are subject to change! There is my Fila zip up high neck jacket (for layering up in the cold, it really keeps the heat in) my trusty Adidas trainers (these need to swap for hiking boots eventually, when I start to up my routes) and finally, the key item, my Berghaus Freeflow 25 Rucksack, from the fantastic selection of rucksacks for walking at Berghaus. This rucksack is going to be my life on legs – it is incredibly supported, with body support due to the firm straps, and is so roomy and spacious. It is the most suitable item for heading out to the hills and taking myself on a day long walk. Books, waters, extra clothing, sunscreen, a fat, shade, packed lunch… everything will be able to carefully sit in this rucksack for my journeys!

bergSome of the extra features it includes are listed below, which thanks to them, I know I’m going to be in as much comfort as possible when I start my hiking sessions! I also feel if I was to have a little camping or field trip for a night, this would be a great addition for my packing to take with me.

  • Freeflow V fresh air technology, giving minimal contact area, and a gap between the rucksack and my back to allow airflow and reduce sweat
  • Hydration pack compatible allowing me to stay hydrated on the move
  • 25 litre storage, containing a range of supporting, zipped pockets and walking pole attachments

I live fairly close to Saddleworth, so I think the first time I’ll be venturing on a hike will be come April, when the weather starts to improve. By this time I will have invested in a good pair of walking shoes, and I can pack my new rucksack with everything I need to survive a day in the hills, taking in the scenery and more importantly, walking those legs!

Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Any particularly walking routes you would recommend?

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