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Fashion: Everywalk creates a personalised shopping street


As you can tell from my photographs above, I love nothing more than fashion. Clothes, shoes, accessories…you name it, I obsess over it. However, someone asked me the other day if I could create my very own street, filled with all my favourite shops in one place, what stores would it include? And it made me realise that these days, I’m actually equally obsessed with beauty, fitness and food just as much as I am fashion!

So how amazing would it be to create a virtual online shopping street, lined with all my favourite stores from the above categories? This is where I recently discovered Everywalk, which offers exactly that. I’ll give an example of why I’m loving it so far: say for example it’s payday, and I know I want to shop a few items of clothing for the new month. I also need a new foundation, the odd hair product, and I wouldn’t mind stocking up on my order of healthy snacks from my favourite health food retailer. I could also do with searching for some dining out discounts to book a meal for next weekend, and whilst we’re on it, maybe check if those storage boxes have come back in store at IKEA.

So you get the picture: my ideal virtual shopping street is rather diverse. I basically set myself up on Everywalk, and started searching for my favourite retailers, adding them to join my street one at a time, until I was happy with my ‘set up’. So now, when it’s payday and it comes to that favourite hour of mine where I can indulge in online shopping, I can visit my Everywalk street first. That way, all my staple shops are in one place, so I don’t have to trawl the internet trying to remember them.

Here’s a little look at what my street currently looks like…

You can see a few fashion favourites of mine situated on the street, including ASOS, Topshop and Zara. But I’ve also added IKEA, eBay, Amazon, Pure Gym, Look Fantastic and Starbucks, as these super brands are regulars for me too. Basically, I’ve just created my ‘dream street’. How I would love to step outside my house and actually see these brands in bricks and mortar stores!

If you are a fellow shopaholic and would like to have a go at building your own dream virtual street, then take a look further at my street here for inspiration. It’s a great idea to help you keep all your online favourites in once place. If you do decide to set one up, you could use my referral code when creating your profile, which is 903131. You’ll get your own unique code once you have created your profile and street too, and it just means that every time someone see’s your street and decides to sign up for one themselves and uses your code, it helps you build up some great discounts and vouchers for your favourite stores.

For me, payday falls on this coming Friday, so I’ll be making a mental note to visit my Everywalk street for a session of well deserved spending. Do let me know if you create your own street too!

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