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Fashion: Cutting Edge Style with LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre

Earlier this week, I blogged about a fab new creation in the world of tights available at MyTights.com, using LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre. The tights are designed to be layered up with one pair ontop of the other, so the top pair can be cut and styled to create designs personal to the wearer. The greatest part of wearing these tights is that they ensure no snagging or laddering. Magical!

So I have put together a step by step tutorial of how to customize your tights and create bespoke designs, to show you how to wear these unique tights! Once you have created your own bespoke designs, you can then enter yourself in to the competition with MyTights and Pinterest, where myself and fellow fashion bloggers will make up the judging panel! The winner wins a fantastic goody box from MyTights, along with £100 of MyTights vouchers, so you will never be short of cool and quirky tights again! So here we go, follow my steps!

1. Make sure you have a decent pair of sharp fabric scissors to cut the tights. The holes you will cut will stretch when you put the tights on, therefore bear this in mind and begin cutting fairly small shapes. Mine are from John Lewis

2. Make sure that you identify the pair that go underneathe and the pair that goes on top. I have a selection of Jonathon Aston tights in Teal, Ivory and Royal Blue for the underneathe, and a selection of Andrea Bucci LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre Opaque Tights  for the top that can be cut and customized. They are an ideal 80 denier with a lovely matte finish.

3. I wanted to have a go first with cutting the tights whilst wearing them, so for my first go I wore the Ivory pair underneathe, and a black pair on top. Pinching the black pair, I took the scissors and snipped away at little holes, like below:

4. Continue to cut and snip away to your hearts content until you have created the look that you are happy with. I wanted a dotty look… and look what I achieved! I has snowed on my legs!

5. Play around and get creative! I tried again with a second pair and wanted a ripped pattern to appear at the back of the tights, so I cut some edgy shapes towards the back and layered up teal and violet for this little creation! A little more grunge…

6. Make more fun! I’ve got a royal blue pair sat staring at me but I have ran out of inspiration… any ideas readers? Does anyone have any shapes and style ideas they would like me to try out? Comment on this post with any idea’s and I’ll give it a go!

Tips and Tricks:
* Make sure you cut small holes in the tights to start with, as the holes enlarge when the tights are worn.
* Only customize tights using LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre tights, as these will not snag or ladder.
* Make sure holes are slightly apart from each other – if you cut too close then this may weaken the fabric.

So what next? Enter the competition with Pinterest! As mentioned in my other post, you can continue the fun by taking snaps of your tights and entering the competition with MyTights and Pinterest, where you could win a gift box and £100 MyTights vouchers! You can also browse other people’s entries and steal some style inspiration!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Upload your picture via Pinterest here using #cuttingedge
2. For all your Facebook fans, upload your picture up here too!
3. Tweeters can’t miss out! Tweet your photo to the MyTights page here using hashtag #cuttingedge

I’ll be judging so I’m really looking forward to seeing the results from you guys! If you like other entrants designs, then why not re-pin these on Pinterest to share the creativity?

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