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wardrobe goals
wardrobe goals

It’s kind of obvious with being a fashion blogger that I’m a bit of a shopaholic, and I have around 5 wardrobes at home filled to the brim with clothes. I have a wardrobe for my ‘casuals’ – this is items such as day time tops, t-shirts, and laid back shirts. Then I have a wardrobe for my ‘formals’ – dresses, evening tops, vest tops, jumpsuits, smart suits…. you get the idea. I also have one dedicated to coats, hoodies, jeans and all forms of bottoms, not to mention another one dedicated to all my dresses that I retail over at my boutique. And there is the one for accessories. Hats, scarves, belts, shoes… it goes on and on.

So when I heard recently that a survey was ran with parcel service, Collect+, to see just how many unworn items of clothing adults in the UK have hiding in their wardrobes, I was keen to hear the results. The survey revealed that an astonishing £350 million items are sat in the back of our wardrobes with no purpose in life. How sad does that sound? All those unloved, unworn clothes, just shoved to the back giving us no worth.

wardrobe goals

I was challenged by CollectPlus to have a go at Spring cleaning my own wardrobe, and having a route around for garments I no longer wear. At first, I didn’t think I would have any new items that hadn’t been touched, but when I threw open those wardrobe doors and had a good rummage through, I was genuinley shocked. I had piles of gym kit, evening tops and all kinds of items with tags on that I haven’t worn. Some of the items have been guilty of being purchased, having some nice ‘mirror selfie’ time, featuring on the blog, and then popping back in the wardrobe to save for ‘a rainy day’. But I guess that rainy day never came.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, you may be keen to get involved with donating your unused items to Oxfam, like I am. I have a huge cardboard box – that you can see in the photo- and I’ll be popping some of my items in there and sending off via CollectPlus.

wardrobe goals
I’ll be sure to show you exactly what items I’ve been popping in the box and sending off once I’m all finished, but up to now I’m still sifting through! I can’t believe I have a pair of shiny new purple Nike trainers that have never even left the house…

pastel clothes

Wish me luck!

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