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Fashion: Under £50 Outfit at ThatSaleSite.com

One Summer season, and four weddings to attend. The first thing a typical fashion blogger and clothes obsessive thinks in this sort of situation is something along the lines of this: four weddings equals four shopping trips, in order to get four new dresses, along with shoes, bags and jewellery. Sounds fun right? Maybe, but it’s not really practical on the purse. However, a little bit of hope recently got brought into this situation when I was asked to take part in a fashion blogger challenge with That Sale Site – a relatively new website which collates all sales into one space

That Sale Site is a one stop destination which brings together all the recent sales across a wide range of retailers. You can search via category (dresses, shoes, accessories) or for certain types of offers. This particular blogger challenge involved selecting an outfit through That Sale Site under £50 that would be ideal to wear for  wedding which could be classed as the ‘perfect outfit’. So how did I get on?

office shoes
office shoes
office shoes

The first part of my perfect wedding guest outfit challenge was to find a pretty pair of shoes that are classic, and can be worn for a wedding as well as be of a reasonable price. As I have a good number of weddings to attend this season, I wanted to find a pair in black so that they can be versatile enough to match a range of dresses and accessories. Using the search functions, I found these very high platform court shoes in a black velvet from Office- called Juke Box- and I love them! The best thing about them is not only are the timeless, they once cost £55 not so long ago but are down to a fantastic £14. Good old That Sale Site successfully found these beauties for me and I know I’ll get so much wear out of them…

So the next part is the dress. Again, I wanted a classic colour in a sensible style which oozes grown-up glamour. I think I found the right one, as the website lead me to this little Missguided beauty. Again, it was reduced to a fantastic price of £15 – how affordable is this for a wedding? The Jess Mixed Lace Deep V Dress has a delicate lace overlay and comes to a fitted midi length skirt finishing, making me feel very lady-like and elegant.

missguided dress
This whole outfit cost just £29. So for a lovely dress and a pair of killer heels, I can head to one of my weddings in an outfit that cost less than £30 for the whole look! I think I managed to do really well in this Under £50 fashion blogger challenge – don’t you?

Take a look at That Sale Site if you find yourself in a similar situation to me this Summer!

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