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Fashion: Spring Loving With Lavish Alice

Living in the city has so many perks, but it also has one major downside – when it snows, it doesn’t stick here. So all of you posting your beautiful snowy scenery photos, you have won; I have none to show, except attempts at capturing the dull, dismal sleet that has fallen and created a grey Manchester City Center.

If I can’t succeed at getting in the romantic wintery mood, I’ll try and step into Spring a little early then, and showcase a style taken from the Lavish Alice Spring 2015 collection…

lavish alice
lavish alice
I opted for these lovely pale pink wide leg trousers as an introduction to Spring ’15 from Lavish Alice the other week, which pair up great with soft greys, whites, creams, blacks and light pastels. Lavish Alice have recently launched their new collection which features crisp, clean and simple garments in a gorgeous colour palette of classic colours, so if anything can pull you out of Winter fashion misery, then I reckon this will! Take a look over on their website at the new Spring trend range if your looking for some new, fresh wardrobe pieces to introduce once we’ve got this cold snap out of the way…

lavish alice
lavish alice
I of course teamed my cute new trousers with a low back dark grey top, as technically we are still in January, so no point getting all excited about showing my Spring style too early. But as the warmer months approach, I no doubt guess I’ll take inspiration from the model on the website and pair up my pastels with cute crop tops like the look below.

lavish alice
lavish alice 3
Who else is excited for Spring?

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