Cheeky Night Away Hotels For Dating Inspiration

When it comes to adult dating, it’s a good idea to try something different for get togethers and those special date occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with dinners, drinks and those cosy nights in. But there is a whole world out there to be discovered.

For example, recently I heard about ‘nakations’. Yes, I kid you not. I mean, we all know about vacations, and then we have staycations. But the latest trend when it comes to dating seems to be “nakations”. That’s right, you heard it. Naked vacations.

Who are nakations aimed at?

Nakations are aimed at the more kinkier couples, the ones that like to head off for a travel trip dedicated to nothing out… welll… nakedness. There are actually hotels around the world which are dedicated to those couples who nothing more than some kinkiness to a holiday.

Filled with sex videos, adult playgrounds, swingers’ workshops and other activities that may appeal to the more adventurous of adult couples and singles, nakations are becoming a popular ‘dating’ trip.

What are they all about?

Some couples, or those who are dating, may be involved with various aspects of sexual interests, including role play or bdsm dating. The reason ‘nakations’ are so popular is because they can just jet off and loose themselves into a weekend or week long holiday, focusing on their sexual activities.

They are especially popular for those who take up bdsm dating. This tends to be where a submissive man wants to date a more dominate mistress. At one stage, it was quite difficult for men to seek out a woman who could fill this role, but now there are online sites like which can do all the hard work for you.

Bdsm brings both types of men and women together through its online platform, making it easier for couples to fulfil their dreams. The good thing is that the site stresses how it is all for fun only, and that informed consent is critical. With bdsm dating, there must be mutual trust and enjoyment for both parties and any interaction between online members who meet on the site.

Where are these locations?

Some highly rated hotels which encourage ‘nakations’ and attract those who wish to go away for more kinkier trips include the following list:

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera: Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour: Paris, France

Turtle Cove Beach Resort: Cairns, Australia

Hedonism II: Negril, Jamaica

Hidden Beach Resort: Au Naturel Club: Cancun, Mexico

Staying safe when meeting online

Remember that although it is a brilliant opportunity to meet someone who has your same sexual interests at heart, staying safe is incredibly important.

Always be cautious during the first few exchanges, and don’t share any personal information before you have made your mind up about someone. When it does come to meeting in person, make sure you tell a friend or family member where you are going, so someone always knows your location.

Overall – have fun and enjoy!

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