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Lifestyle: The Smoothie Bowl Breakfast

Ever get stuck what to eat for breakfast, or for a daytime snack when you feel really peckish? I love breakfast, it’s definitely my favourite…

Beauty: How To De-Stress #RelaxMondays

Happy Monday all! I wanted to bring you a blog post today all about how to de-stress and chill out, especially on the world’s worst…

Lifestyle: Clean Eating and Fitness Tips

Hooray! It’s been two weeks since I have been focusing on eating a little more cleaner, lowering my sugar intake, drinking more water and keeping…

Fashion: A Years Supply of adidas Originals Trainers!

They say it’s a mans world, but even so, it’s not often I find myself wishing I was a bloke. Apart from today, when I…

Lifestyle: Small Tips For a Feel Good Week

Today’s post is a little round-up of some personal tips I wanted to recommend for helping you have a feel-good week. You know when you…

Lifestyle: 10 Little Life Changes For 2015

Today’s post is a little bit different than the usual one’s on whatemmadid.com – it is still focused around the fashion, beauty and lifestyle themes,…

Fashion: 10 Things You’ll See At The Cheltenham Festival

It’s almost time for the Cheltenham Festival, and you know what that means: the first significant horse racing occasion of the year, and all of…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did