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Lifestyle: 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow

Who else is addicted to Instagram? I expect to see a lot of raised hands with that questions! I have to admit that as shocking…

Lifestyle: March Food Favourites

As it’s officially the end of March, I wanted to put together a little post about a couple of lovely food related ‘things’ I have…

Lifestyle: 7 Ways To Become More Savvy

The one time that someone described me as ‘savvy’ will always stick in my mind. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s because I…

Beauty: A Spring Hair Cut

You may have seen my recent post earlier this week based around ‘The Top 10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life’ (if not, take a…

Lifestyle: 5 Favourite Things About London

With Spring/Summer approaching, a few of you may have started getting into ‘travel mode’ – planning some city breaks for the warmer season ahead. So…

Lifestyle: Mum in a Million For Mothers Day

You have probably heard me mention a couple of times on the blog that I am in the process of buying a house. As much…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did