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Food: Brunch at 19 Cafe Bar, Manchester

As a Manchester food blogger, I love nothing more than discovering new places to brunch and lunch on my weekends. As much as I love…

Food: Cacao and Coffee Muffins Recipe

Do you keep hearing the buzzword ‘Cacao’ and wondering a) what on Earth is it, and b) how the frig do you pronounce it? I…

Food: Pier Eight at The Lowry Review

On Saturday evening, I had the pleasure of trying out one of Salford Quays dining establishments: Pier Eight at The Lowry. The Lowry is such…

Food: Baileys Apple Pie Parcels Recipe

Got left over Baileys that you don’t want to take into 2018 with you? This morning, I rustled up a bit of an unusual baking…

Food: 1761 & Lilys Bar Manchester Review

Last Friday evening, myself and my boyfriend head to a brand new restaurant and bar in Manchester, nestled on Booth Street, ideally located on the…

Food: Barristers at The Courtyard Knutsford Review

I mentioned on a recent post that I’m currently loving heading to Knutsford lately for food, drink and general wandering around this Winter. It’s just…

Food: Lost and Found Knutsford Review

Last weekend, myself and a couple of friends headed to one of my favourite Cheshire areas – Knutsford – for a girly catch up, with…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did