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Food: Grafene Manchester British Tapas Menu Review

​​Lover of tapas, but want to keep it British? Manchester’s Grafene​ restaurant and cocktail bar kindly invited me to try out their tapas menu before heading to…

Food: The Botanist Vegan Menu Review

Following a huge growth in the lifestyle choice to become vegan, popular restaurant and bar The Botanist have launched a brand new vegan menu. I’m not vegan, nor…

Food: Pasta Making at Salvi’s Manchester

If you didn’t already know – I’m obsessed with Italian food. However, when it comes to cooking it, I don’t quite see myself as the…

Food: Eating in Thailand – The Good and The Bad

Is Thailand on your travel bucket list? Or have you been to Thailand many years ago as a backpacker, but now want to go and…

Food: My Healthy Banana Vanilla Flapjack Recipe

I’ve always been a huge carb eater, and no matter how much I try to get myself on a health kick, those stodgy cakes, breads,…

Food: Exchange Lounge Manchester Review

I’ve seen a lot of buzz around Exchange Lounge in Manchester on social media, so today I decided to finally get my own review live…

Food: Afternoon Tea at The Vicarage Cheshire

I love nothing more than going out for Afternoon Tea, and if you read the food and lifestyle sections on What Emma Did from time…

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