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Earlier on this year, I made a huge change to my career: I moved my business from North Manchester and above, to Cheshire. I’m a bridal makeup artist (and a makeup artist in general, but I mainly focus of weddings and bridal parties) so it was quite a big step. I changed all my advertising and networking to reflect the Cheshire area as my location, when I made the decision to move in with my boyfriend.

It was quite an easy decision. I mean, Cheshire is absolutely beautiful. And not just that, the amount of stunning wedding venues there are in abundance!

It would actually benefit my career as a bridal makeup artist to situate myself in Cheshire and offer my services to this wide area. Nunsmere Hall, Colshaw Hall, Sandhole Oak Barn… you literally have the countries most elegant and unique wedding venues all around.

I’m actually super happy to base myself here and offer bridal makeup artistry to all the brides-to-be within this area. Because if you think about it: how HUGE is Cheshire? It literally covers so much ground, and within Cheshire, you have some of the prettiest and looked after towns.

In nutshell, Cheshire (and my business!) spans from Knutsford and Alderley Edge to Chester and Ellesmere Port. In between, you have Macclesfield and Congleton, Taperley and Frodsham. And that’s not even touching the sides, they are literally just a few locations which pop into my head.

Moving to Cheshire (we’re situated right to the South of Cheshire, towards the Church Lawton and Holmes Chapel end of Cheshire) has been a brilliant move for me, painting faces all around this incredible area.

But why else do I love it? What makes me recommend it as a potential place to live to anyone who asks?

Lets take a look…

As a blogger and influencer as well as a bridal makeup artist, I’m lucky enough to review restaurants, bars, salons and leisure activities around the area too. And let me tell you, Cheshire is bursting with fantastic eateries! I’m such a foodie, and quite a particular one too (I guess I have to be as a food critic…) and I find the quality, service, interior and overall look of the restaurants I explore around Cheshire always have that premium, high standard.

I recently reviewed the new Parea in Alderley Edge, which was excellent (amazing cocktails, FYI) and this weekend, I’m reviewing the bottomless brunch at Gusto in Knutsford.

But it doesn’t just stop there. I discovered a really informative infographic from Laurus Homes all about #exploringcheshire and it’s developments, focusing on Cheshire as a place to consider for property.

As you can see, it’s a place bursting with housing opportunities, with new build properties arising often. Combined with the old, luxury historic homes and buildings you’ll find scattered throughout Cheshire, you really get that perfect balance of new and modern, with the whimsical and enchanting.

I’m super happy to have moved my life and business here, and hopefully I’ll be featuring more on the blog and my Instagram about life in this leafier, prettier area!

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