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Hooray! I’m showing my teeth. I do have them you know… I guess I just tend to show a more serious, non-cheesy side for my blog photographs and dress photoshoots.

However, there was a time when I didn’t show my teeth because I genuinely disliked them. Despite wearing braces as a young teenager (super young actually- possibly around aged 12-13) I have found my teeth gradually moving back to their original ‘setting’ so to speak throughout my early twenties.

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With some people – and this is me included – we just don’t naturally have a straight set of teeth. And if this is the case, the situation can make you feel conscious and slightly ‘uglier’ than your friends who were gifted with a flawless set of pearly whites.

So today’s post is to reach out for anyone out there who feels slightly self conscious with their current mouth matters, and a couple of tips I’ve picked up over the years which prove there are a number of options to give you your confidence back.

Remember, a full, thorough dental regime and care habits go a long way. Regular dentist visits are essential, and there are so many brilliant ones out there, like the Vallance Dental Centre, which can offer so much help and care for your mouth health.

1. Invisalign

This is personally the method which saved my teeth! Sounds a little dramatic, but the beauty of this is that it’s practically invisible, meaning you don’t have to live your life everyday with a set of noticeable braces on show. I’ve had the silver metal ‘train track’ braces through my younger years, and I certainly didn’t want to go through it all again.

Invisalign is brilliant for correcting crooked teeth, gaps and overcrowding, and in some cases you don’t need to wear them full time for too long. I wore mine everyday and night for 6 months, and now I wear it four times a week just to ensure my teeth stay aligned and perfectly in place.

2. Dental Implants

For some people, a situation in their life may have caused teeth to fall out. As having these obvious gaps can cause a strain on your mouth, it’s important to look into a treatment such as dental implants to correct this. Dental implants are more commonly used as a longer lasting, convenient and more cost effective solution to missing teeth, and can even be combined with other treatments, such as bridges and crowns, for the most natural looking replacement teeth possible.

3. Teeth Whitening

I have never actually had a professional teeth whitening treatment carried out – even after all the brace treatments I’ve had over the years. I usually stick to at-home methods, which I actually put a post together on a while ago (lots of coconut oil! You can read this here.) However, stained teeth which are very noticeably discolored can ruin a person’s confidence entirely, so for these cases, it is worth looking into a professional dental teeth whitening treatment.

It may mean a series of three sessions to provide the most effective finish, but a set of whitened, brighter teeth can do wonders for someones confidence.

4. Veneers

I toyed with the idea of a veneer to be placed over the tooth that I wanted straightening, before I opted for Invisalign. The tooth was slightly set back, and with a carefully positioned veneer placed on top, it visually brought the tooth inline with it’s neighbouring teeth.

A lot of celebrities go for this option to give an overall improvement to their smiles, providing a super straight, healthy and white looking set of teeth. Discuss this option with your dentist to see if this is something that could improve your smile.

5. General Health

The general health of your mouth is something that is overlooked more that it should be. I just had one out-of-place tooth, and my whole confidence was shook. I can only imagine how other mouth problems Р brought on due to negligence Рcan make people feel.

Receding gums, stains, bacteria… the list is endless with problems that can result from poor oral hygiene. I hate to sound like I’m telling you to do something, but I guess I really am! Pay a visit to the dentist! It really isn’t as scary as some people think. Expensive – yes, I can give you that. But surely your mouth and overall health is priceless? …

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did