Beauty: What are Washdent Sachets? I Try Them Out…

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch party of a new product called Washdent, in which Joey Essex was hosting the VIP party in Manchester. Sadly, my schedule was sending me everywhere that week, but the product seemed so unique, I decided to try it myself seeing as I could join in the party…

Basically, I don’t know about you, but when I know I’m going on a night out, or I’m working all day and then straight out that evening for dinner, drinks, partying or whatever the night has in store for me, I try to bring chewing gum or mints with me. It’s just one of those things I panic about. Especially if I’m going to be eating garlic, or going out for a curry.

Even just having wine lingering on your breath isn’t ideal…

So I guess that’s why I took an interest in Washdent –  a food supplement and oral hygiene product all-in-one. The short version of this product is that it’s basically a sachet of gel which you squeeze into your mouth, swill around and swallow.

It leaves you with that squeaky clean, just brushed feeling, perfect to have in your bag on a night out as I mentioned earlier (with my worries about fresh breath/clean teeth and whatnot!)

The more sciencey side behind Washdent is that the sachets contains calcium and xylitol, with essential oils and calcium granules, which both contribute to good dental health.

Its exclusive formulation ensures a pleasant, clean feeling, so you get that ‘just brushed’ feel to your teeth and mouth, without actually having to brush your teeth on a night out, or reply on soggy chewing gums.

The insoluble calcium granules that Washdent is formulated with help remove food debris from the teeth. The Xylitol it contains was the one I wasn’t familiar with, which their website tells me is a natural sweetener with an anticaries action mainly attributed to its effect on plaque and cariogenic microorganisms.

It’s safe to use a couple of times a day, and it is actually really simple to use. At first I was bit skeptical about putting a sachet formula into my mouth, just squeezing it in and rubbing over my teeth, swilling around my mouth and then swallowing. Even though it’s actually not that different to mouthwash, I felt like it was a totally difference concept.

But literally it’s easy peasy and fuss-free – squeeze it into your mouth, rub it around your teeth, have a swill around, and just swallow. Even tastes nice!

Two sachets of Washdent per day provide enough calcium to help towards maintaining your dental health. And I can only really finish up this write up by summarising that it is literally a food supplement that complements your dental hygiene routine at any time or place, when a more complete clean is not possible.

Like at work, or on an evening out! You can purchase Washdent in boxes of 10, 20 or 100 sachets. More information can be found on their website here.

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